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Did Herbert Hoover deport illegal aliens?

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Herbert believed in the Constitution and tried to enforce the laws made by Congress, including Immigration law. Illegal aliens were deported according to the law by his administration.

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How many illegal aliens did h hoover deport?

It was exactly 53. some say it was 54 but the half ant half cow alien is a myth

Did Harry S. Truman deport illegal aliens?


What states allow marriage to an illegal alien without deporting them?

The United States deport illegal aliens. You could not reveal that he/she is an illegal alien and use a different identity

Does ins deport illegal aliens who use false documents for employment?

Yes, they investigate and if caught, they will be deported and never welcome back.

What law gave the president the power to deport aliens?

the alien act gave the president power to deport aliens. -American history. chapter 8-

Did Herbert Hoover sign a force repatriation against the legal Mexican citizens of the united states?

There was a bill passed in 1929 before Hoover was president to deport illegal Mexican immigrants. Hoover did his job to enforce it, expressing objection to people who did not respect the law and citing a need for jobs by US citizens Unfortunately, probably without Hoover's knowledge, some legal immigrants, particularly US born children of illegal adults were deported as well.

What restrictions do aliens have that citizens do not?

Aliens can be deported. You can not deport a citizen. Aliens cant vote Aliens can not run for political office

Does the state of Arizona or any other state have the right to deport illegal aliens once they are arrested even though they were not arrested by ICE or INS?

Yes. It's illegal to be and illegal person in the they have the right to have them deported if they are suspected of illegal immigration.

What is a good sentence for the word deport?

Some people want to deport all illegal immigrants.

Why would government officials deport someone?

They well deport someone because they are legal aliens or legal residents that com meted felonies

What law gave the president the right to deport aliens?

The Alien & Sedition Acts

What rhymes with report?

Deport, as in: The illegal immigrant was deported

What law allowed the president to deport any foreigner in the us without a trial?

The alien act of 1798 gave the president the power to deport dangerous aliens.

Example of inherent power?

To regulate immigration or to deport aliens are examples of inherent powers.

Who has the power to deport aliens?

The President has the power to deport aliens, subject to due process. The President, subject to the provisions of law, shall have the power to change the status of non-immigrants by allowing them to acquire permanent residence status without necessity of visa.

If you think someone is an illegal immigrant what number do you call to deport them?


Did the Alien Enemies Act allowed the president to imprison or deport dangerous aliens in war time?


Can an illegal citizen get custody of a legal child?

no, they would probably deport you back.

As live in caregiver is your employer have the right to deport you to your country?

If you're illegal, yes.

Why shoudn't the American Government deport illegal immigrants?

*The government shouldn't deport illegal immigrants because the government will loose and resources if they do. Also, the hassle of trying to gather up all of these people would just be to hectic.

Can the government collect child support from an illegal alien who gets paid cash?

No, but they can deport him.

When can an illegal immigrant return after being caught being illegal?

You cant reuturn back when a illegal immigrant gets caught being illegal they deport them and they tell them how much time they cant be in the US

What did the government do to aliens who spoke out against the government?

It depends on which goverment you are talking about. Tzarist Russia would deport them, Nazi Germany would kill them, USA would villify them and do everything they could to deport them, Canada usually ignores them.

What is ment by deport?

To send illegal immigrants out of the country, either back to their homeland or somewhere else.

What are some examples of inherent powers?

Some examples of inherent powers are the following:regulate immigrationdeport undocumented aliensacquire territory