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This is most likely a rumor which was started by United States Propaganda during World War II. There are many such rumors. However, none of Hitlers medical records make any mention of it.


Oops. The story is a little older than that. The famous song Hitler has only got one ball (sung to the tune of Colonel Bogey) was current in the British Army from late 1939 on. What's more the team of Soviet medics who examined Hitler's corpse said that his scrotum was intact and that they could only find one ball ...

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Q: Did Hitler have only one testicle?
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Was Adolf Hitler a vegetarian with only one testicle?


What were Adolf Hitler's disabilities?

I can only think of one, and that is he was born with only one testicle.

How many testicles did Adolf Hitler have?

adolf Hitler had only 1 testicle The Russians claimed that when they performed an autopsy, he only had a single testicle. This could've been a falsified claim to humiliate Hitler, however.

What is a man with one testicle called?

Adolf Hitler

Was Adolph Hitler a female or male?

Male. But, apparently he only had one testicle as one was blown off in war :/ ouch

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Yes, he has only one testicle.

Freaky facts about Hitler?

hitler only had one testicle...instead of being like this 8====D, he was like this o====D. purple nuggets

Why does Adolf Hitler hates Jews so much?

Because he only had one testicle and he was gay

Does testicle cancer treatment make a man impotent?

Not if only one testicle is removed. You can produce sperm just fine with only one testicle

Did adolf hitler only have 1 testicle?

Apparently so. He suffered an injury in WW1.

Did napoleon have only one testicle?

No, napoleon had 2 tesetecals not one if anyone thinks he did, your crazy because he had a son yet Adolf Hitler did have one testecall.

How many balls has Adolf Hitler had?

if by balls you should mean testicles, Adolf Hitler according to Russian autopsy reports only had one testicle. "This contained the startling news that Hitler's "left testicle could not be found either in the scrotum or on the spermatic cord inside the inguinal canal, or in the small pelvis. . . ." "

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