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Did Hitler kill out of fear or something else?

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Hitler killed Jews for several reasons:

  1. He thought Jews were Communists.
  2. He blamed Jews because Germany was defeated in World War 1.
  3. He blamed the Jews for the Great Depression.
  4. He thought the Jews were conspiring to rule the world.
  5. He viewed the Jews as racially inferior and thought they were contaminating non-Jewish Germans.
  6. He wanted a Germany and a Europe without Jews.
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Why did hitler kill the jewsduuringthe holocaust?

one answer is that he did not know what else to do with them.

Did Hitler kill anyone else in his family besides himself?

Yes, Hitler killed himself and his wife at the same time!

Did Hitler also kill Germans?

Adolf Hitler killed no Germans, Jews, or anyone else. He had his ugly, twisted henchmen do it for him.

How did Hitler feel about kill attempts?

The same way anyone else would feel about someone trying to kill you.

What did you have to have for Hitler to kill you?

You didn't have to do anything. You just had to besomething - such as a Jew.You had to be alive

Why did Hitler kill himself in the bunker at the end of the war?

probably because if he didn't kill himself somebody else would have

What is the point of concentration camps?

Mainly to kill Jews, or anyone else Hitler/the Nazis hated.

Who declared Hitler the sole ruler?

Hitler actually declared himself the sole ruler and told everyone to follow his commands or else he would kill them!

How many relatives did Hitler kill?

Hitler did not kill his relatives.

Why do people hate Hitler so much?

Hitler is hated because he wanted one part of the world, Germany, to dominate everything else, sending the world into a state of fear. He also wanted to kill all the Jewish people, the disabled, Travelers ("Gypsies,") homosexuals and other groups he considered imperfect.

Did the battle of Berlin kill Hitler?

No the Battle of Berlin did not kill Hitler. Hitler committed suicide.

How Hitler kill Anne Frank?

Frank kill Anne Hitler, How?

Can an animal be killed without it feeling fear?

sure, if you kill it in its sleep or something of the sort.

Did Hitler kill people himself?

No, Hitler did not kill people himself. Hitler had his own army (Hitler's Army) which helped him kill the Jew's.No

Why did Hitler decide to all kill the Jews?

Second answer: Hitler blamed the Jewish for all of the problems in Germany following World War I. basically because he did not know what else to do with them.

What did Hitler do in his life?


Did George Washington kill Hitler?

No, Hitler killed Hitler.

Did Hitler have a valid reason for killing millions of Jews?

No! Why else did he kill himself?Answer:Whatever "reasons" he had were blown vastly out of proportion.

Did anyone kill Hitler?

Many tried to kill Hitler but in the end he killed himself.

Did Hitler ever kill any of the Jews?

Hitler directed and orchestrated the murder of 6 million Jews, but he never murdered Jew with his own two hands; he ordered everyone else to do it.

What kinds of animals kill their young and why as in what mother animals whether wild or domestic kill their young out of instinct or natural means and why?

any carnivore or omnivore will kill its own young. the reason being, they are "protecting" them. rather than let something else kill and eat them, it feels it should kill them in order to keep something else away from them.

What made Hitler kill?

There was problems in Germany so he blamed the Jews and that is what made Hitler kill.

Why did Hitler kill the Nazis?

Hitler didn't kill the Nazis. He was the leader of the Nazi political party.

How many people planned to kill Hitler?

5 million Jews wanted to kill Hitler.

Did the US kill Hitler?

No, Hitler comitted suicide.

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