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Did Hitler started World War I?


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no but Hitler was involved as a soldier in World War 1. he did cause world WA 2 though


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World War II was the war Hitler started.

Hitler, adolf Hitler started world war two you can Google him! hope this information helps! =]

Hitler started world war 2 when he invaded Poland.

the Germans started the second world war. blame Adolf Hitler

On September 1st, 1939, when World War II started, Adolf Hitler was fifty.

Hitler did not contribute to it, he started it.

Adolf Hitler was a corporal during World War 1, so no.

When Hitler started the Nazis

Adolf Hitler started both world wars

Germany started World war 2, as Hitler persuaded them. I think.

Hitler Germany started World War 2 by invading Poland.

He started World War 2.

He essentially started the war in Europe and started the Holocaust.

No, Hitler invasion of Poland started World War 2. World War started on September 1st 1939, this was the day Hitler ordered the Invasion of Poland.

Hitler was 50 years old when World War Two started.

Hitler invaded Poland in 1939 that started WWll

Hitler didn't start World War 1, but started World War 2 by invading Poland.

No Asian country started the World War II. Germany (which is in Europe), is the country who started the World War II by Hitler and the Nazis.

When Hitler invaded Poland

Hitler invaded Poland in 1939 and started WW2.

Hitler invaded Poland before World War 2 started and it was the reason many countries declared war against Germany.

Adolf Hitler was known as the person who started world war II

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