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Did Juan Ponce De Leon travel with Christopher Columbus?

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de Leon did sail with Christopher Columbus infact they traveled in 1493.

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Why did Christopher Columbus influenced Juan ponce de leon?

Christopher Columbus influenced Juan Ponce de Leon by letting Juan to go on his second expedition.

Who did Juan ponce sail with?

He sailed with Christopher Columbus.

What are some What are facts about Juan Ponce de Leon?

he sailed with Christopher Columbus.

Who did Juan Ponce de Leon meet?

He met Indians and Christopher Columbus.

Did Christoher Columbus sailed with Juan Ponce De Leon?

Christopher Columbus died probably before he went on this voyage.

What motivated juan ponce de leon to explore?

Christopher Columbus motivated Leon to explore

In what year did Juan Ponce de Leon set sail?

Juan Ponce de Leon explored Florida in 1513. However, he also sailed with Christopher Columbus in 1493.

Who is Juan ponce de long?

A spanish explorer who may have accompanied Christopher Columbus on his expedition to the New World.

Who did Juan ponce deleon sail with?

Juan Ponce De Leon sailed with Christopher Columbus on many different occasions for many different expeditions. Some expeditions even to Japan...& of course Florida.

What was juan ponce de leons obstacles?

Ponce De Leon had sailed with Christopher Columbus on his second voyage and had later helped take over Puerto Rico.

Who was the first European explorer to explore land that became part of the USA was it Christopher Cloumbus or Juan ponce De Leon'?

Juan Ponce De Leon was actually the first because Christopher Columbus actually landed in the Bahamas and Juan landed in Puerto Rico and Dominican republic and Florida .

What ship did Juan Ponce De Leon sail on?

He sailed with Christopher Columbus but I'm not sure if it was the Nina the pinta or the santa maria!

What was Juan ponce de leon's purpose for exploring?

He wanted to be like Christopher Columbus and discover something no one else had discovered.

Who financed juan ponce de leon's voyage?

christopher Columbus i think if this is for a social studies project do not put it it is probably wrong

Did Christopher Columbus go to Florida?

Christopher Columbus never went to north America, only south America. The guy who went to Florida was looking for the fountain of youth, his name was Juan Ponce de Leon.

How did Juan Ponce De Leon impact history?

Ponce de Leon was with Christopher Columbus on Chris's second voyage to the New World. He's also notable for the legend of the Fountain of Youth.

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