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Did Juan Ponce de Leon have any kids?

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Yes. He was married to Leonor Ponce de Leon. They had four children named Luis, Juana, Maria, and Isabell.

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Did Juan Ponce de Leon marry or have any kids?

yes he did get married and he did have kids

Did Juan Ponce De Leon have any friends?

did ponce de leon had friends

Did ponce de leon have any children?

yes juan ponce de leon had 3 children he had 2 girls and 1 boys

Did Vasco de gama have any friends?

he was friends with juan ponce de leon

Where any places named after juan ponce de leon?

The Largest City In Seattle I Believe ..

Did Juan Ponce de Leon win any awards?

Ponce de León was named Governor of Puerto Rico in 1509

Did juan ponce de leon like any hobbies in his life?

he lked to sail and do things with christerpher columbus

What was Juan Ponce de leon goal?

Juan Ponce De Leon's goal was to find land and gold for Spain documents and letter he wrote him self don't say any thing about the fountain of youth

What was a unfavorable qualities for Juan ponce De Leon?

that he was a dope and had much violence against Indians i cant think of any more off the top of my head

Did Ponce de Leon have any siblings?

No he did not it's a fact

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