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Justin Bieber did not try to make Selena Gomez jelous. Justin always has girls in his Music Videos. selena gomez does not like a guy from 1D ..


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boys are jealous of Justin Bieber because Justin has what boys don't have that is why he is taking all the girls away

Because they are jealous

no. Justin Bieber is not jealous, because he knows he is better

Guys think Justin Bieber is gay because they are jealous of him.

Some people may be jealous because of his looks, talent or fame. It depends on the person.

Lots of people are jealous of her because all they care about is Justin bieber

you make a girl jealous and the girl will hate her boyfriend and follow you as her boyfriend and listen to that song Justin bieber one time

i personally think that people are mean to Justin Bieber because they are simply jealous of him!probably because there jealous of his fame and popularity :'( its sad that people cant be happy for someone who deserves it

Because they are jealous of Justin Bieber that he has got everything in such a Small age

JB hung out with 1D after the VMAs and many photos were released of Zayn, Niall and Louis with JB so I am certain Jb is not "jealous" of 1D

all the Justin Bieber haters out their just because you hate Justin Bieber because you want to be famous you are jealous because your not famous if you hate Justin Bieber then go get a life

It depends on the person, though I am sure there are some boys that are jealous of Justin Bieber.

they are jealous because he is so cute and hot.

people say Justin bieber is gay because they are jealous of him, his looks, his voice, and his music.

because many people of this society are jealous of Justin bieber and therefore say nasty things about him

guys don't like Justin Bieber because there jealous he can sing and they cant and they feel threatened

yes justin bieber is jelouse of one direction because one direction took all of justins fans

because its cool and in fashion and because Justin bieber has lots of fans so they probably think they will.

Because they are jealous that so many girls like him.

Of course, everyone does.

Justin Bieber does like girls is just that Usher pressured him to say his gay,because justin Bieber had all the girls and that made Usher jealous.

There is really nothing you can do if your boyfriend is obsessed with Justin Bieber. You can just support your boyfriend.

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