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Did Leif Erickson have a sister?

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He had a half sister named Freydis.

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What did Leif Erickson do?

Leif Erickson Found America.

When and where did leif erickson die?

how did leif erickson die

How tall is Leif Erickson?

Leif Erickson is 6' 4".

How many siblings did Leif Erickson have?

Two brothers and one half sister.

Did Leif Erickson have brothers and sisters?

His brothers were Thorvald and Thorsteinn, his half sister was Freydis.

When was Leif Erickson born?

Leif Erickson was born on October 27, 1911.

Are there any existing family members of leif erickson today?

Grant W. Erickson is a direct relative of Leif Erickson

Was leif erickson a viking?

Yes Leif Erickson was a viking, and found America but named it Vinland.

How old was Leif Erickson at death?

Leif Erickson died on January 29, 1986 at the age of 74.

What is leif erikssons real name?

leif erickson

What did Erickson do?

leif erickson sailed to America HI TROY!!

Famous people with the last name Erickson?

Leif Erickson.

What did lief Erickson find?

Leif Erickson found nova Scotia.

Where leif eriCkson died?


Did leif erickson raid villages?


Did Leif Erickson discover America?


What and when was the contribution of Leif Erickson?


How did leif erickson died?

This is unknown.

Where did Leif Erickson die at?


What was the planned destination of Leif Erickson?

no were

How did Leif Erickson get his education?

The man that taught Leif Eriksson was Thyrker

What did leif erikson do?

Leif Erickson was a viking, and he was the first to sail to America.

Is there an actor that uses the name leif?

There was an actor named Leif Erickson.

What was leif ericksons greatest success?

leif erickson was a viking and explorer

How old is Leif Erickson?

Leif Erickson was born on October 27, 1911 and died on January 29, 1986. Leif Erickson would have been 74 years old at the time of death or 103 years old today.