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Did Medusa live in the ocean?

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No- she did date the god of the sea before she got turned into a monster though.

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Medusa lives in a temple in Ethiopia.

Medusa the gorgon lived together with her two sisters at the end of the world beyond the ocean in the kingdom of Night

The Gorgons dwelt near Tartessus on the coast of the Ocean.

500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 days

medusa was born on mount olympus and lives on a dark island in greece

Medusa was a part of Greek mythology, which predates Christianity.

Medusa lived in a Cave on the Island of Cisthene, East of Ethiopia in the Red Sea.

medusa turned him to stone

They lived at the edge of the world.

Yes, She is! The Gorgon Medusa was a female monster of Greek mythology. She had live snakes instead of hair.

Nowhere in Ovid' Metamorphosis or The Odyssey did it say where Medusa lived.

The Gorgons dwelt near Tartessus on the coast of the Ocean. We do not know when Medusa lived (if she lived at all) only that in Greek Myth: Perseus killed her while she slept.

Is there even fire Medusa? No, No, Just Kidding' Fire Medusa have a normal diet. They eat fish, and practically anything that they find in the ocean. Many people are afraid of this animal because of the legend that it eats toe nails.

Medusa grows live snakes from her head, not hair. So, she doesn't cut her "hair". According to Greek Mythology, looking upon the face of Medusa turns the observer to stone.

They are conceived by Hesiod to live in the Western Ocean, in the neighborhood of Night and the Hesperides. But later traditions place them in Libya. They are described as girded with serpents, raising their heads, vibrating their tongues, and gnashing their teeth; Aeschylus adds that they had wings and brazen claws, and enormous teeth.

No, she lived on an island named Cisthene

they live in a river not an ocean

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In the stories about her no place is specified, only that she lives in the ultimate west, near the ocean.

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