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Did Mozambique join the UN?


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Yes Mozambique joined on September 16, 1975.


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Egypt joined the UN in 1945.

In 1994 Brunei became the 139th county to join UN after its Independance from British Colonial Rule.

The UK was one of the founding members of the UN, in 1945.

Ghana joined the UN on 8 March 1957.

Vietnam joined the UN on the 30-09-1947.

2 March, 1992 the Republic of Kazakhstan joined the UN.

Colombia was admitted to the UN on Monday the 5th of November 1945.

Libya joined the UN on September 18th, 1990.

to disjoin or un join or separate or split up or divide

Sierra Leone joined the UN on 27 September 1961

21st of September 1965.

from the beginning when it was formed in 1945.

They joined December 14, 1955.

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Indonesia first joined UN on September 28, 1950, and then withdrew in 1962 because UN condemned Indonesia's invasion to Malaysia. Indonesia rejoined the UN in 1964.

Nepal joined for support and help in its problems.

Mexico joined the UN in 1945

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Britain refuses to join the UN and has led several attacks on them in the recent past at the headquarters in New York.

The US is a member of the UN and the UN agreed to assist South Korea aginst North Korea.

Afghanistan joined the UN in 1919 right after the end of Third Anglo-Afghan War. However, the UN only became involved in Afghan from 1946.

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