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Did Randy Orton kick batista in the skull?

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No but Randy Orton did break Bataista's arm.He didnt do it alone .He did it with legacy. Batista was rushed to the hospital . A few hours later Triple H retured and beat up legacy plus Randy Orton.Go to WWE.com for more Information

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You want batista come back to WrestleMania 25?

i want batista to kick that lining hell out of randy orton i want to see special ref with triple h vs randy orton match batista randy should lose this one for pay back time

When batista is going to be back from the hospital after Randy Orton hit him in the head in 2008?

Randy kicking Batista was not in the hosptial because of the kick from Orton. He had surgery on his hamstring, the kick was used as a way to write Dave out of the storyline! He was originally scheduled to return in August, but it looks like if everything keeps going the way it is he will be back sometime in May

What will happen if you punt kick someone in the head like Randy Orton?

You basically give them a concussion because of the force of the kick moves the brain in your skull.

Who won shameus v Randy Orton?

Sheamus, Lagacy came out and distracted orton then sheamus hit orton with the kick

Who is the current WWE champ?

in 2008 it was triple h but at backlash 2009 he got a kick in the head by randy orton the leader of the legacy which sucks and now in 2009 its the boooooooooooo randy orton

Speaking of orton wrestling chacter was he ever jelous of anyone in evoultion like batista or did they all get along?

yes and i cant wait to see randy orton rest in piece.AnswerHe is jealous of everyone in evolution. I cant wait to see him come back and have taker batista and possibly Kane kick his ass. AnswerIf you mean it real life, I believe they're friendly with each other, but I'm not sure if they're friends, but his Character isn't friends with anyone. His ego is too big to keep friends, and I hate Randy Orton!

Is Mr McMahon firing Randy Orton?

maybe because of the punt kick or maybe Stephanie will fire him

Who won Randy Orton or sheamus?

Sheamus because dibiase and Rhodes came out and Sheamus hitted him with the broad kick

Is it cruel to give a hungry cat a Randy Orton punt kick?

Of course it is!! any kick or punch to any animal is very cruel, you could get arrested.

When did Randy Orton did his first punt kick?

Randy Orton starting doing the head punt in 2005. He took out Vince McMahon like so many before with a punt to the head. This was significant because six months ago McMahon had the pieces of the raw stage fall on him.

How do Randy Orton punt kick hurt?

it hurt really badly because it end careers like Chris Jericho he suffered from an accident of randy Orton's punt which made chris Jericho quit the wwe for other superstars that suffer which are Cody Rhodes john cena batista and cm punk there okay but don't try that at home kids it hurts really badly

What happened to chris jerico?

Chris Jericho did not re-new his contract with WWE when his previous one was up this year. In storyline terms, he is out due to an injury caused by a kick to the skull by Randy Orton. In real terms, Chris was touring with his band Fozzy after his leave and is in talks to return in 2011 to WWE after negotiating a new contract with WWE.

Who would win in this match Randy Orton or Edge?

I think Randy Orton would definitely win because he has more muscles than Edge Randy Orton is just too vicious for the Ulimate Oppurtunist. In a match Randy just has too much physical prowess over Edge. Randy's "Legacy",Cody Rhodes and Ted DeBiase, just add the advantages over to Orton's side. Not unless Vickie Guerrero, Edge's wife, tweaks the rules a bit (a lot actually) Edge cannot slither his way out of a deadly RKO followed by a career-shortening punt kick.

Did Triple H win at wrestlemaina?

yes he did because,Randy Orton got a sludge hammer and tried to attack hhh with it but hhh reversed it and did the punt kick whatever he calls it while randy was getting the hammer but out of nowhere hhh used the punt on the legend killer,hhh picked up orton and when randy was dizzy hhh ran and hit the hammer or should i say he driiled it on ortons shoulder and that where orton got serously injured in the past and the present and hhh hid hammer inside the blanket of the ring and picked up randy and deliverd the pedigree and got the pin 1...2...3...

Is Batista still in hospital from that punt kick?

He never was in the hospital for the punt kick he was in the hosptial because he had surgery on his hamstring.

Who was the winner in Randy Orton vs Wade Barret at Bragging Rights 2010?

I'm not sure.Randy Orton had to win.Wade Barret DEMANDED John Cena to be in his corner.Randy Orton said "if u cause me to lose my WWE Championship at Bragging Rights I will have absouelutely no problem punting u in the skull.John Cena said"If u try to kick me with that leg,I'll break it off"!John Cena can't afford to watch Randy Orton to be beat up.Nexus Interfered while Randy Orton accidentaly got DQ'D by the ref so Randy kept the title but Nexus attacked him.John Cena attacked all the Nexus exept Wade Barret because he'll be fired.Micheal Cole did not say anything about [Justin Gabriel,Skip Sheffield,Micheal Tarver,Husky Harris,Micheal Mguilliguty,or David Otunga] Wade Barrett won by DQ Orton is still the Champion

Is Randy Orton a nice person?

no he sucks he is cute but not the best he isa mean person he dose not like people no matter what no says he is a very mean person did u know that he was the one that kied of tripple h ya what kind of person would like his put some sense into u he is mean if u really want to know go ask him but u know what he will probley kick u in the head if u get him mad so don't and if u do take the sya it is not my folt that u died so that's how meanhe is and oh ya a personn that ask batita to be on his team that i as a perrty stupied person because batista and john cena is the better person if randy if u r reading this bring it on we need to have a talk ok ok just me and u loser ok ok so i can putb so sense into u gosh a person that kicks people in the skull that is a pretty dum but burn u randy $$$$$U R NOT THE BEST RANDY ORTON$$$$

Are batista and big show friends?

batista and big show are not friends and PS big show would kick his but. In real life yes they are friends.

What is the best finisher in WWE at the moment?


Are John Cena and Randy Orton friends or enemies?

Enemies. At bragging rights 2009 john and randy had a one on one iron man match and john cena won the wwe championship. WWE storylines are fake. I bet after each time they kick the crap out of each other they go have a beer together. They are friends

What are all randy orton's moves?

Scoop Slam,Spike DDT,Punt,Drop Kick....

Which would win A horse or a wolf?

An adult horse of any species can kill a wolf in a kick to the skull.

Who won the WrestleMania matches?

Sheamus vs denial Bryan : SHEAMUS by brogue kick on denial Bryan (record of winning in 18 minutes at WRESTLE MANIA. Kane vs Randy Orton : Kane (by chockslaming Orton from turnbuckle). team teddy vs team johny :team johny (skull crushing finale by MIZ on ZACK RYDER). undertaker vs HHH(triple h) (special refree HBK) : undertaker 20-0 (shown respect by undertaker and hbk to HHH by helping him to take him out stage). the rock vs john cena : the rock (by rock bottom on john cena when cena was trying to finishing him by peoples elbow on the rock).

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