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Did Russia fight against Germany in World War 2?

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Yes, Russia did fight against Germany in World War 2 with England and USA on Russia's side.

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On which side did Russia fight during World War 1?

Russia fought on the Entente side against Germany and was defeated.

Did Canada fight Russia during world war 2?

No, Canada did not fight Russia in Worl War 2. They fought together with the help of great britain, against germany.

Who was fighting against whom in world war 2?

There where many countries fighting but the most serious fight was between Russia and Germany. (Russia won) :-))

Did Germany fight the us in world war 2?

Yes, It was America, France and the UK against Germany and Japan. Russia joined America later.

What two fronts did Germany fight during World War 1?

East (or Ost) against Russia West against US, Britain and France.

What was the impact of Russia leaving World War 1?

Russia had a revolution which is why they left. It also meant that France and Britain were the only two left fighting. Russia, on the east of Germany, forced them to fight a two front war, which was what Germany was aiming to avoid. Germany was forced to split their army to fight on the Western Front against France as well as on the Eastern Front against Russia. When Russia left, Germany could focus solely on the Western Front and France.

What 2 fronts was Germany fighting in World War 1?

Germany was fighting on the East and West of their boarder. On the East, they were in a fight against Russia. To the west, they faced France.

Where did Germany and Russia fight?

Germany wanted to take over russia.

What was the relationship between Russia and Germany in World War 2?

In the European theater of WWII the US, England and others were MINOR players. 85% of the causualties and the ten biggest battles took place between Russia and Germany. Russia and Germany started as an alliance against Poland. Then Germany attacked Russia. The Germans not only had to fight the Russians, but the Russian winter.

Did America and Russia fight Germany together?

No. It was Germany, Italy, and Japan. Against America, Britain, and Russia. These are just the major powers. There were other smaller countries on both sides.

What country signed a non-aggression act with Germany?

Germany signed a Non-Aggression act with The Russia Federation, or Russia. The act meant that the two countries would never fight or partake in war against each other. However it was violated by Germany when they attacked Russia in World War II.

Which countries fight first in World War 1?

Germany, France, Britain, Russia

Why did Germany fight Russia?

Because the Germans invaded Russia

Why was everyone against Germany during World War 2?

not everyone, was against Germany. Germany had a alliance with japan Italy, and Russia, however Russia did not stay a ally through the war. America was against Germany because japan had bombed pearl harbor, and Germany was allied with japan. the bombings gave America a excuss to attack Germany. England was against Germany because they were constantly bombing them, and, were planning on a full scale invasion of Britain France and Poland were against Germany because they had invaded their country russia is a differn't story, russia was allied with Germany at one point, this was mainly because they were scared of each other. but the alliance was broken when russia invaded Poland, this broke the treaty between the two counties, being that Poland was reserved for Germany to take over, so, Hitler was determined to fight back, and declared war on russia, russia attacked back, both sides convinced they were fighting a defensive war.

How was Germany at a military disadvantage in world war 1?

It had to fight against enemies on both sides of Germany.

Why did the germans allow Lenin and his associates to return to Russia?

They thought it would create chaos in Russia which would back them off from continuing to fight against Germany.

Who would win in a fight Germany or RUSSIA?

Russia has a much larger military. Russia.

Why did Nicholas II enter World War 1?

The tsar (supposedly against the advice of his powerful advisor Rasputin) decided to fight against Germany and Austria because they declared war on Serbia, which had a treaty with Russia. Serbia and Russia shared a Slavic background. In any event, the war with Germany was disastrous for Russia and directly contributed to the end of the monarchy in the 1917 revolution.

Why was Germany at a distinct disadvantage militarily in world war i?

It had to fight against enemies on both sides of Germany. had split armies that had to fight on two fronts.

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