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that is why they speak spansih and why they have a city after the conquestador balboa

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Q: Did Spain own panama
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Who controlled Panama?

Spain controlled Panama.

Why is Spanish spoken in Panama?

Because Panama was once a colony of Spain.Panama was part of the Spanish empire for several centuries. The language of that empire was Spanish. When Colombia became independent of Spain, it kept the Spanish language and when Panama became independent of Colombia, it also kept the Spanish language.

When did Spain colonize Panama and When did Columbia colonize Panama?


Was Panama ever colonized?

Yes Panama was colonized by Spain.

What is the mother country of Panama?

Panama was first conquered by Spain.

If Spain is colonized by Panama what language would they speak?

Both Spain and Panama speak Spanish. So hypothetically speaking, if Panama colonized Spain, there would be very little to no effect on the language spoken there.

What country had control of Panama first?

Spain settled Panama in 1501.

Who controls the Panama Canal Spain or Morrocco?

The Panama Canal is controlled by Panama where it is located in the Western Hemisphere.

Does Spain have a connection to panama?


What European country colonized Panama?

Spain is the European country that colonized Panama.

What are some historical events in panama?

In 1821 Panama becomes an independent to Spain

What is the capital of Balboa?

Balboa is a city in Panama (also towns in Spain and Colombia). The capital of Panama is Panama City.

Which country colonized Panama?

Spain colonized Panama. However, Panama became independent from Spain originally as part of Greater Colombia. Panama only broke off as a completely independent country in 1903 with help from the United States.

Did Spain control the Isthmus of Panama?

YES. Spain maintained direct control over Panama as part of the Viceroyalty of Peru from 1538–1821.

Does the US own the Panama Canal?

No, the Panama Canal is currently owned by Panama.

Is Panama in Spain?

No, it isn't. It is in Central America.

Where did the first settlers in panama come from?


When did the US own Panama?

The US has never owned the country of Panama, however they did own the structure in Panama called the Panama Canal from 1979 to 1999 (20 years),

When did panama gain independence from Spain?

On 3 November 1903, Panama broke off from Colombia

When did Panama own the Panama Canal?

Panama gained full right to the canal in1999

Who sailed for spain and arrived in panama in 1530?


What are the major cities in Panama?

California TEXAS AND spain

Who should own the Panama Canal?

Panama, since it is located in their country.

What country owned the Panama area before the US helped Panama form its own country?

Columbia owned the area around Panama before the US helped Panama form its own country.

How long did Spain rule Panama?

i hostey don't know