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According to Paul Israel's biography of Thomas A. Edison, Edison received 1,093 U.S. patents. There by earning the title of history's most prolific inventor.

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How many inventions did thomas Edison made?

more then 1000

How many inventions did Thomas Edison make?

over 1000 inventions from "The Wizard of Menlo Park"

How many inventions did Thomas Alva Edison make?

over 1000

What are all the names of the inventions Thomas Edison made?

Thomas Edison holds a record of over 1000 invention patents. His list of innovative inventions include: light bulb, phonograph, movie camera, carbon microphone, and mimeograph.

What did Thomas Edison discovered?

Thomas Alwa Edison is a renowned scientist whos has petented inventions of nearly 1000. He invented the electric bulb, grama phone, cinema to name a few

Who patented more than 1000 inventions in his Menlo Park laboratory from 1876-1931?

Thomas A. Edison

Who patented more than 1000 inventions in his menlo park laboratory 1876-1931?

Thomas Alva Edison

How did thomas Edison change the world?

created over 1000 inventions including the light bulb phonograph (record player) and movie camera

How many of thomas Edisons inventions do we still use today?

we use over 1000. Thomas Edison made a big in pact in our lives. if it wasn't for him we still be using candles!!

How many inventions did Tomas Alva Edison make?

over 1000

Who had patented more than 1000 inventions during his lifetime?


Who had 1000 US Patents?

Thomas EdisonThe "Wizard of Menlo Park", Thomas Edison held 1,093 US patents.

What inventions did Thomas Edison invent during the Progressive Era?

You'll need to go to a site that can give you a more extensive list of Edison's inventions. You'll also need to distinguish between inventions (significantly new or completely new ideas) and simple patents (improvements over existing ideas). Edison registered just over 1000 patents in the U.S.

How many patents were granted Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison was a well respected scientist with over 1000 patents, exact number would be 1093

Who received more than 1000 patents in his lifetime?

Thomas Edison.

What American inventor was credited with over 1000 patents?

Thomas Edison

What did Thomas edision invent?

thomas alva edision was a great inventer he invented about 1000 inventions!

Did Thomas Edison average one patent for every three weeks of his life?

Yes; Edison had more than 1000 patents.

How many times did Thomas Edison fail before he invented the light bulb?


When was electrisity invented?

electricity was invented by Thomas Edison in the 30s and it took him 1000 try's before he succeed

How many times did Thomas Edison try making the light bulb without succeeding?

Over 1000.

How many times did thomas Edison try to make the light bulb until he got it right?


Who is the american inventor who had more than 1000 patents including the phonograph and the first practical electric light bulb?

Thomas Alva Edison

What did the American Thomas Edison invent?

Edison was was the 4th most prolific inventor, with more than 1000 patents in his name. Tthey included a practical electric light bulb, the phonograph, and the motion picture camera.

Why is Thomas Edison so important?

one of the greatest inventors of all time no one like him... in history most people invent 1 or 2 things but Thomas Alva Edison is the biggest inventor because he invented more than 1000 products..(1038) so he is the real legend but another important thing is that he is not very good in acadamics, he left school at the age 10 so he would do his research and studying all on his own, and mad inventions through his own ideas..

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