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almost all of the cj5`s had no tailgates and had permanant spare tire mounts. if you do have one either it was special ordered or someone did it later. that`s the difference with the 5 &7.the 7 was a little longer and had the tailgate with the swingaway spare tire mount. Actually the "FIXED BACK PANEL/RR SP WHL MOUNT" was a $12 option in 1978. I have the factory window sticker for a 1978 CJ-5 listing it. The 1978 Jeep sales brochure lists it under "Options and Accessories" as "fixed back panel and spare mount (CJ-5)".

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How can you change a standard Jeep swing tailgate into a drop down truck style?

You would have to fab some hinges that allowed it to drop down instead of swing open.

Does the Jeep Wrangler have an automatic transmission?

Some do and some don't. Jeep sells then with your choice.

How do you get the Ford Explorer Sport Trac Tailgate unstuck?

If the tailgate is dropped hard it can toggle the locking mechanism. If you don't have a key to unlock the tailgate, you'll have to remove the plastic side of the tailgate (the inside) and flip the locking lever back to the unlocked position. While you have the cover off you might as well put some drops of oil on all of the metal moving parts inside the tailgate.

Will a f 150 tailgate fit on a bronco?

It will mostly fit. The broncos tailgate is wider, so there will be a slight gap. You will need ALL of the hardware that holds the f150 tailgate on and need to due some minor fab work but with very little work it will go on.

How do you remove the panel from a Honda Pilot tailgate?

By removing some screws and/or bolts.

Side air bags Jeep?

Some Jeep Models have them.

Where could one purchase a Ford tailgate?

There are some places where you might find a Ford tailgate. You might have to check junkyards or a car auction. You might see them on places like craigslist for example.

Where is spare tire stored on Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

Depends on what year. Some are mounted on the rear door. Some are mounted inside the rear of the Jeep. Some are under a cover in the floor of the rear. Some are mounted under the rear of the Jeep.

Where are some good places to purchase a jeep in CA?

Many car dealers sell jeeps in California. Some examples include Jeep Chrysler Dodge of Ontario, David Ellis Chrysler Jeep, and Midway Jeep Chrysler Dodge & Ram.

What are some different models of Jeeps that are sold at Jeep dealerships?

Some of the different models of Jeeps that are sold at Jeep dealerships are the Grand Cherokee, the Compass, the Jeep Liberty, Patriot, Wrangler, and Wrangler Unlimited.

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Are Jeep rims interchangeable with other Jeeps?

Rims from some models of Jeep interchange with some other models. To answer the question, a specific Jeep model and year of manufacture is required for the Jeep in question, and for the rims you are looking at. Many rims manufacturers and retail sellers, some retail tire sellers, and all Jeep owner forums have charts that show the factory original rim specifications for each model and year.

How do you replace a windshield on a 1995 Jeep Wrangler?

you jet some glass that fits a 1995 jeep wrangler

2000 Chev Silverado Z71 tailgate latch won't open and truck bed has roll down cover that locks inside closed tailgate?

i have a 1999 Chevy silverado and i do know that i had to take mine into dealer for replacement parts. check out the recalls for 1999-newer and they have the tailgate parts as recalled and will replace some of them for free, including free labor. hope that helps!

Does jeep cherokee have any recalls?

There are no known recall on the recent models of the jeep cherokee. However, there are some recalls on older models and other jeep brands.

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What are some automobile that start with a j?


Do jeep cj7s have power steering?

Some do

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Where can one purchase a Cherokee Jeep?

There are quite a number of various places where one can go to purchase a Cherokee Jeep. Some of these are the JeepCurrentOffers website and the Jeep official website.

Will Chevy rims fit on a jeep?

Some will, depends on which Chevy and Jeep rims you're referring to

Will a 1995 Jeep Cherokee interchange with a 1988 Jeep Cherokee?

Some parts will, some parts will not. If you ask New questions about specific parts, you will get specific answers.

Where can someone buy a new top for their Jeep?

Someone can purchase a new top for a Jeep at many locations. Some of the retailers who sell Jeep tops include Jeep, Quadratec, and Jeep Top Depot. Tops offered by these retailers can be hard tops or soft tops.

How do you remove the tailgate door panel on a 1995 Toyota 4runner?

I have a 92 4Runner and once you open the tailgate, there should be a piece of cloth covered cardboard that is on the inside of the tailgate. you can get a flat head screwdriver or use your hands and just pull it off. Only thing hold that panel in place is some plastic clips, they might break cause of the age of the vehicle, but are very easy to find.

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