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A number of Allied and Axis powers changed sides during World War II. Of the major combatants, Italy stands out with its switch-over from the Axis to the Allied cause in 1943. Earlier, in 1940, France changed sides, as well, although its support of the Axis powers was mostly as a non-combatant.

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What were turkey's allies and enemies during world war 1?

Enemies: All of the Allied Powers Allies: All of Central Powers

Who were japan's allies during war world 2?

the axis powersjapan's allies in world war 2 where the Germans and the italys they where called the axis powers

Who were the Allies during World War 2 And the Axis powers?

it is counties

What is the Axis Powers during World War ll?

The Axis powers were the countries that were allies of Nazi Germany.

Who were Germany's allies in World War 2?

Germany's allies during WWII were Italy and Japan. They were known as the Axis powers.

What were all the countries conquered by the Axis powers during World War 2?

Allies! It is Allies! France, Britain and more!

Who were Russia's allies during World War 2?

Germany(during the beggininng) then the Allied Powers of The US and UK

Was Germany aligned with the axis powers or the allies during world war 2?

yes Germany was!

What is the axis powers during World War 2?

Germany and Japan were the main Axis powers. The United States were part of the Allies.

Which countries were allies in world war 1?

U.S, Russia, great Britain, France, serbia, were some if the allies powers during ww1

Who were Germany's allies during World War 1?

Germany's allies in the "Central Powers" were:Austria-HungaryOttoman Empire (joined the Central Powers in 1914) (later on became known as Turkey)Bulgaria (joined the Central Powers in 1915)

What were the 2 powers of world war 1?

the allies and central powers.

What is the significance of Axis Powers?

The Axis Powers were formed during World War II and included the Japan, Germany, and Italy. The Axis Powers fought agains the Allies and were defeated.

Why did the Allies invaded Siciliy during World War 2?

Because Siciliy is part of Italy, and Italy was part of the Axis Powers, and therefore at war with the Allies.

What is denotative and connotative meaning of allies?

"Allies" denotes persons in supportive agreement, and it connotes the united opponents of the Axis Powers during World War Two.

Did Russia fight for the allies or axis powers?

During World War II Russia fought with the Allied Forces, however during the German invasion of Poland they fought with the Axis Powers.

Who used bayonets during World War 1?

Both sides used bayonets the Allies and the Central Powers.

Which country fought against the allies during world war 1?

During World War I, the Allied Powers fought against the Central Powers, composed of Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria.

Who were allies with Germany during the 2nd world war?

During the second World War, Germany, Japan, Italy, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria formed the Axis powers.

Did the US evenually join the central powers during world war 1?

No. The Central Powers were Germany, Austria and their allies. The US joined the Allied Powers, which included Britain and France.

What nations were the Russian enemies and allies during World War One?

Its enemies were the Central Powers including Austria-Hungary, Germany and the Ottoman Empire. Its allies were the Entente Powers which included the US, the UK, Italy and France.

Which countries made up the Central Powers and Allies during World War 1?

Germany, Austria/Hungary & Turkey: Central powers. Allies; Britain & the Empire & Commonwealth, France, Russia, Italy, the USA, Japan.

Did Italy change from the German side to the Allies during World War 2?


What are the allies powers in war world 2?

The allies were a group opposing the Axis. The main Allied powers were America, Russia Britain

What countries were the US allies during the world?

England, France, Russia, China as well as other countries were included in the Allied Powers during WW2.

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