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no she did not solve any of his problems

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Q: Did catherine of aragon solve any of henrys problems?
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What problems did Henry VIII have and how did he solve them?

Henry viii needed a son but Catherine of Aragon gave him a daughter called Mary. Henry wanted a divorce with Catherine of arogon. Henry ask the pope if he can divorce but the pope refused to because in those days England was a protestant country . what did Henry do is that he made himself a Protestants so that he can control the church and have a divorce with Catherine of aragon .after divorcing Catherine he married his second wife called Anne boleyn.

Did marrying Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour solve Henrys problems?

Yes it did solve one of henry viii's problems Jane Seymour produced a male heir

Did marrying Ann Boleyn or Jane Seymour solve any of Henrys problems?

Not really. Neither marriage gave him a healthy, legitimate, male heir.

What problems did Saint Catherine of Alexandria solve?

She made intelligent answers regarding Christianity over pagan religions.

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Why would breaking from the church solve Henry VIII's problem?

Henry VIII's problem was that he needed to divorce Catherine of Aragon though the church didn't let divorces. He wanted a son so he just divorced anyways. Henry was excommunicated and he established the Church of England.

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