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At the TLC 2009 PPV, Cena losed the WWE Championship to Sheamus in a tables match. This was Sheamus's first championship reign as the WWE Champion.

Afterwards (in the present), Cena has beaten Sheamus many times.

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I think the Tribute to the Troops (last night) was taped BEFORE Sheamus beat Cena - according to, Sheamus is still WWE champion.

well i think that John Cena is going to beat Sheamus' but!!!!!because at TLC(Tables Ladders and Chairs)sheamus won the WWE championship but John Cena was distracted. so i think that John Cena will try to recaptain again so that he could be the WWE champion.

Right now Sheamus has the championship, but I think John Cena is going to beat him but I think they want to to get the fans excited then win the championship back.

Sheamus did beat John Cena at TLC 2009 for the WWE Championship. Which was Sheamus's first reign with the title, until losing it at the 2010 Elimination Chamber ppv to John Cena. Where McMahon screwed Cena, putting Cena in a match with Batista, after his original match and losed the title to Batista.

He had help from the nxt rookies to beat John cena.

he was wwe champion in till sheamus beat him a few weeks ago.

John Cena and Sheamus use to hate each other but now Sheamus has turned good so they are now good friends.

On one occasion Sheamus beat john cena for the belt at TLC 2009.

Sheamus is now face, and has teamed with Cena at least once.

No........He was but now its Cena

Randy Orton beat John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Christian, Sheamus, and Antonio Cesaro.

Sheamus does not want face him again he beted him multply times

John Cena and Sheamus both had a chance of winning at TLC. John Cena did not win.

Every body knows that answer! John Cena!

He hasn't yet. Sheamus is still WWE Champion.

No. Cena is the world heavyweight champion right now and Sheamus is out injured. Sheamus is expected to be back only in early 2014, so I dont think a Cena vs Sheamus match for the WWE Championship is possible this year

i say cena and Morrison r the best and sheamus is the worst

Sheamus. because in the contract signing.sheamus attacked cena for no apparent reason.

Sheamus was champion at royal rumble. Then it was John Cena then Batista then John Cena then Sheamus then Randy Orton.

Yes, but never for a title.

John Cena is on the Raw Brand. John Cena is on raw roster and waiting to get his wwe title back from sheamus

wwe is FAKE they all are FRIENDS in real life but in the wwe world john cena is good and sheamus is bad soo they are not friends They are friends because when I went to there show outside sheamus was doin the "U can't see me" thing to the crowd

John Cena Beat Batista Cm punk beat Rey Mysterio Jack Swagger Beat Randy Orton (Dark Match)- The Hart Dynasty Beat The Miz Sheamus beat Triple H Jtg beat Shad Edge Beat Jericho

No championship rightnow because sheamus has wwe championship

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