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Why did john cena lose his title?


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he lost to sheamus at TLC as cena was going for a superplex , lost balance and fell through the table


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John Cena didnt lose his title in 2007 he had to relinquish it due to injuring his left pectorial muscle

when john cena has an i quit match for the WWE Chamionship

John cena did lose his first match

yes cena will win the title at wrestlemania

no because he beat Shawn Michael at wrestlemania 23

John Cena is WWE's main franchise. McMahon will continue to main event Cena for the next several years. As to when he will lose the title, Randy Orton is hungrier for gold now than ever.but I'm thinking Sheamus will take the title away from Cena sooner rather than later.#REDIRECT Is_Brock_Lesnar_going_to_come_back

yes,he will lose his wwe title at royal rumble from the rock. John cena will win the royal rumble match and win the wwe title from rock at wrestlmania 29.

Every champ evenually does, it's when he'll re-gain it, that's inquestion

John Cena is on the Raw Brand. John Cena is on raw roster and waiting to get his wwe title back from sheamus

Who will beat John Cena for the wwe title?Answer:We all know tht john cena is defending his title against bobbly lashley this Sunday at the great American bash i think that bobby lashley the powerhouse the dominater will beat John Cena well its my opininon what about yours?

He'll probably lose it at Wrestlemania. John Cena lost his U.S. Title so he could win the title. jbl lost it at wrestlemania to john cena This doesent answer your question but wrestlers can hold two titles at once. So that guys statement about losing the U.S. title so he could win the wwe title was wrong. It was to make the wwe title feud a personal affair. It go's like this John Cena won at WW 21 then at New Years Revolution after the elimination chamber John won the match then edge cashed in his suit case then won the match edge did then at Royal Rumble John Cena won the belt back

yes unfortunatly john lost it and triple h had it.then at the survivour seriers edge took the title from triple h.then at armagenndon Jeff hardy won the tittle.

JBL has held the title longer. He has held the WWE Title for 280 days. John Cena held the WWE title longer than JBL.

A Transylvanian stripper.

John Cena and Bret Hart are buddies and Vince hates Bret so naturally he decides to screw Cena out of the title

Most likely at Extreme Rules to John Cena or John MorrisonAt Over the Limit to John Cena.

edge will spear him and then win. so chances are John cena will not win.

john cena won his first title at staple center in in Los_Angelesit was the wwe title he beat John Charles Layfield to get it

Sheamus did beat John Cena at TLC 2009 for the WWE Championship. Which was Sheamus's first reign with the title, until losing it at the 2010 Elimination Chamber ppv to John Cena. Where McMahon screwed Cena, putting Cena in a match with Batista, after his original match and losed the title to Batista.

the Miz Defended the WWE Title

Randy won the wwe title against cena by punting him in the head

john cena why you lose the match

no john cena is a very good competetor but he always gets distracted

yes they will and John Cena wins this time for the wwe title.

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