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NO. Not yet, not sure what they are waiting for..


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2014 bill get passed for unemployment extension today on 1/20/2014

they posted the info on the web site today. i never received the "infamous" letter that I've heard so much about.

Today 11/21/2008 it was on channel 4 NBC news that President Bush has signed the extension for unemployment extended benefits. Meaning that there will be 7 additional weeks and 13 additional weeks for the state that has over 7 percent increase in unemployment.

Unemployment was much higher in the Depression. Also, the '30s lacked most of the safeguards we take for granted today, including unemployment compensation and deposit insurance.

Not positive but just saw the same thing on my court support docket. I believe it means that the Father/Mother was denied unemployment so no support order can be attatched. Basically,we are getting nothing...Again!! 7/20/2009 - I don't think that it has anything to do with unemployment. I just seen this on my husband's court support docket today and I can tell you that he has not applied for unemployment benefits in many, many years. I can also say that "unemployment" doesn't unemployment. My husband was told that it's a generic term that they use.

Unemployment, foreclosure, economy

Connecticut's unemployment rate as of October, 2009 was 8.8%. See Related Link below.

Congress Hall is where Congress met when the US capitol was in Philadelphia, not in Washington D.C. as it is today.

As of today January 17, 2011, the Georgia Department of Labor website indicates that the unemployment rate in GA is 10.1%

In the Great Depression,there have been reports of an unemployment rate of 25 Percent. January 2017, our current rate is 4.8%%

The history books record that unemployment reached as high as 25% in the USA during the Great Depression. What is often not appreciated is that, in those days, 25% unemployment meant that 25% of HOUSEHOLDS and FAMILIES were without any means of support. Many more people felt the impact of the loss of a job in the 1930s, because a family typically only had one breadwinner in those days (and on top of that, unemployment benefits or other governmental safety nets were very rare). Today, with so many families having both heads working outside the home, one spouse can remain employed while the other is unemployed. This reduces greatly the impact of a given percentage unemployment on a particular family. Today's estimated 17% unemployment in the USA (which includes long-term unemployed and discouraged workers, not just those receiving unemployment compensation) is at a "depression" level of unemployment, though the impact is as yet not as severe as the unemployment of the 1930s. At least 25 percent

Better asked is what is a company's biggest challenge in business today concerning employee compensation. First the term compensation requires a definition. In today's world a company's human resources department manages employee benefits and compensation. Benefits relates normally to health insurance coverage and pensions. For the most part compensation refers to direct and bonus pay to its employees. In that regard, direct pay, bonuses and incentive pay must be competitive with similar companies. This is the biggest challenge.

Congress is made up of both Democrats and Republicans. Today the Democrats are in the majority.

Like most of Central America Crime, poverty, and Unemployment !

Yes.From CNN's Political Ticker blog, "The House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday pushing back the deadline to file for extended unemployment benefits to the end of November. The $34 billion measure, which cleared the Senate Wednesday, now moves to President Barack Obama's desk to be signed into law"See related link.Yes. The newest Senator pushed it through a Senate filibuster.

who boycotted the speech about Iran nuclear speech to US congress from texas tday

Yes. Applications available as of today 7/15/09.

Being dumb people and being lazy

The territories that Congress controls today (2014) are Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands of the United States. In addition, they control the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii.

The Congress serving from 3 January 2013 to 3 January 2015 is the 113th U.S. Congress.

Well, in the great Depression the unemployment rate was 25% whilst today its about 8.5%. So I'd say theres a 16.5% difference.

In the past when the constitution was written, it stated that members of congress could not be arrested. Times today have changed, and a member of congress can and will be arrested if they engage in criminal activity.

$174,000 per year. Plus benefits

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