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NO. Not yet, not sure what they are waiting for..

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โˆ™ 2010-06-23 21:50:16
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Q: Did congress pass the unemployment compensation extension today June 23 2010?
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Did bill pass today for unemployment extension?

2014 bill get passed for unemployment extension today on 1/20/2014

Genesis of compensation as it exists today?

genesis of compensation

What is today's current US economic condition and environment with the economic conditions and environment just before and during the 1930's Depression era?

Unemployment was much higher in the Depression. Also, the '30s lacked most of the safeguards we take for granted today, including unemployment compensation and deposit insurance.

When will the new unemployment extension start in Kentucky?

they posted the info on the web site today. i never received the "infamous" letter that I've heard so much about.

You heard that NYS unemployment will be extended for seven weeks Is that true?

Today 11/21/2008 it was on channel 4 NBC news that President Bush has signed the extension for unemployment extended benefits. Meaning that there will be 7 additional weeks and 13 additional weeks for the state that has over 7 percent increase in unemployment.

What is the unemployment rate today?

It is around 45%

When is it to late to file for unemployment in Montana?


What did Congress do today?


What are some of Americas issues today?

Unemployment, foreclosure, economy

What percentage of total compensation do benefits make up today?


Benefits make up what percentage of total compensation today?


What does order to vacate unemployment compensation attachment entered mean for a child support docket?

Not positive but just saw the same thing on my court support docket. I believe it means that the Father/Mother was denied unemployment so no support order can be attatched. Basically,we are getting nothing...Again!! 7/20/2009 - I don't think that it has anything to do with unemployment. I just seen this on my husband's court support docket today and I can tell you that he has not applied for unemployment benefits in many, many years. I can also say that "unemployment" doesn't unemployment. My husband was told that it's a generic term that they use.

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