Did farmers ever go to cities?

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Where did Dust Bowl farmers go?

cities that were not agricultural

How did enclosure affect british farmers?

many farmers lost farms and moved to cities

Why were farmers drawn to northeast or Midwest cities?

Farmers were drawn because the farmers wanted more crops,money different places to go to to get more food so they can sell it. Want to know more you should look it up on your US History book. :D

How did the Industrial Revolution effect farmers?

Many farmers and their families moved to the cities to work in factories as the pay was better.

Why did farms surround the Mississippian cities?

Farms are outside of cities. Farmers sometimes have to travel to a city to sell their produce.

Why did many farmers move to the cities during the 1920s?

Job opportunities

What made farmers leave their farms and migrate to the big cities to work in factories?

Few regulations protected the prices of crops which made farmers leave their farms and migrate to the big cities to work in factories.

How did farmers make shihuangdi empire strong?

Farmers kinda guarded the kingdom and they would build highways to link the cities together

What caused many farmers to sell their land and move to bigger cities?

A drought.

How did the Industrial Revolution affect farmers?

A lot of the farmers moved to cities to work in factories. Most of them gave up farming for factory work.

How did the industrial revolution affect rural and urban society in England?

Farmers created enclosures and the farmers moved into the cities to get a job working in factories.

Do farmers ever make livestock into pets?


How were village farmers in Mayan civilization similar to village farmers in early river valley civilizations?

Farmers provided food and labor for the cities. Hope I helped Hope you get an A+ On your test! :)

Where do farmers go when there is a fire?

They go berserk.

What best describes the population in the cities in the late 1800s?

The population grew because of the movement of farmers into the cities and the arrival of immigrants to America., The population fell because farmers and immigrants moved west due to low factory wages and cheap land., The population grew dramatically because of the arrival of immigrants from Europe., Thie population grew because of the movement of farmers into the cities from rural areas.

Which of these was a direct result of the Great Flood of 1936?

The migration of thousands of farmers to industrial cities.

Are elephants used for travel in India?

yes, some farmers ride them around the cities.

What happened to farmers after the American Revolution?

they lived happily ever after

Why were the farmers of hitler depressed?

Because he was the worst leader ever

How Many poor farmers are in India?

These schemes have been implemented to alleviate the poverty of farmers.

When the powerful Romans raised taxes and conquered lands as free labors land farmers did what?

Farmers decided to sell their land and move to the cities were they became beggars.

Why did farmers receive lower prices for their crops during the 1920s?

Farmers overproduced farm crops.

Do you think that one direction would ever come to Seadrift Tx?

If its a small town probably not, but they do go to texas often. They go to Dallas and some of the bigger cities

Among the many southern farmers who moved to the cities to find jobs was a large group of?


What did Sumerians do for living?

AnswerMost people were farmers in ancient times. In the cities and towns, there were merchants and craftsmen.

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