Did fear of being alone in the Universe result in the creation of a god to fight one's fears?

Various points of view:


Certain facets of God's personality are revealed by his creative works even prior to his creation of man. (Romans 1:20) The very act of creation reveals his love. This is because God is self-contained, lacking nothing. Hence, although he created hundreds of millions of spirit sons (prior to his creation of earth and Man) not one could add anything to his knowledge or contribute some desirable quality of emotion or personality that He did not already possess in superior degree. The saying "No man is an island" applies to Man not God. He created because he wanted to share the joy of existence. That is not fear but love. Answer Actually, God was the one tired of being alone, so he created humans, his perfect companions. And life was perfect on earth.

But, with our free will, we made some mistakes, separating ourselves from God. And we just couldn't stop messing up. We got farther and farther from that love of God. Then, one day, out of love for humans, God sent Jesus, his one and only son, to die for us. Yeah! He took our place! Now, even when we mess up, we can ask God for forgiveness and pursue a relationship with him. Hey! A relationship is easy and rewarding. All you got to do is start talking to God. My favorite way is to type my conversation in on the computer (Microsoft Word), and then letting myself be real with God. I give him all my worries, my fears, and I confess all that I do wrong. Then, I start reading the Bible. In it, (By the way, its not a book of rules) Well, in it, God speaks to me! He tells me things I should be doing different. Then, I obey him and do good things. I feel better. I get peace and patience, and love, and kindness. And, I feel much better about my death. I feel like I know God and will be able to see him after I pass away. (A little hint: It's not a religion. Religions are junk!) Jesus is real! I talk to him! I get real results! I love my life! I love my future! Question: How can free will exist?


It seems only natural that Man should seek to understand his place in such a vast universe. The concept of "God," or that Man isn't simply a meaningless evolutionary accident, is a common idea, often brought up in one's mind without outside influence. The rather nihilistic idea that without God life is meaningless would compel one to seek an answer to avoid the inherent depression that follows such a realization. However, this sort of belief in God to "avoid the inevitable" seems more like a set of blinders than actual haven.

Theism, or the belief in god, has little basis in Logic, being of unsound logical induction (a conclusion about something general based on the observation of various specific things) and a generally irrational belief. Not to say that theism is in any way "stupid" or "mindless," but one must realize that there is little solid evidence for the existence of God, thus the belief is "irrational," a condition not nearly as ignorant as the stigmatization that follows the use of the word would imply. Existentialism contains many themes involving the creation of one's own purpose in life, one of the few optimistic philosophical propositions to our purpose in the universe. Perhaps a further philosophical venture will produce more results, but for the time being, theism remains a common albeit illogical cork that fills the hole of purposelessness in man's being.


Now man is creating God? That's an interesting concept. According to the Bible, God created MAN in HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS. That's like going home and telling your father, "You listen to me now, everything I am you need to kiss the ground I walk on. Had your father not given life to you, you wouldn't be here. Same with God! Man did not create God. God created man, and He gave man dominion over the earth. Question: Why did God make an imperfect human? He must have known that man would "sin" and therefore He would know that many people would go to hell....

Answer God performed His creation because He is love, and love is what compelled Him to do it. He did not do it out of fear. I doubt God has fear because fear involves torment and perfect love (God) casts out all fear. Read your Bible and then you might understand why He did all that He did. It's really plain and simple, if you would just desire to know Him. He gave us 66 books so that we might know all the reasons why He does what He does. Fear is not one of them!


No. If you were alone in the universe there is nothing to fear. More appropriately God was ' tired ' of being alone. 'Fear' was not the contributing factor, it was loneliness. Comment People indeed do get lonely. However the almighty creator of the universe is not a man, nor did He need anything since He is self-existent which is just another way of saying that He needs nothing. The attributes of humans, attributed to God, are known as anthropomorphisms are merely ways of making God intelligible to people.


Undoubtedly people do create a god or gods to suit their needs or wishes. This kind of god is manageable because he or she is made in the image of man and behaves like man. This is comfortable and comforting.


The one and only true God existed before man and created man. He places demands on people which they cannot meet. His qualities are 'totally other' in that He is above and beyond and sovereign over all. Such a God, if not known, if not served, is a God to be feared, not a God of comfort. A God of holiness and judgment doesn't fight fear, instead He causes unease and makes demands because He has a right to.

Fortunately this God has also provided a way for us to get things right with Himself. He took the initiative, and He bore the terrible cost and pain. Jesus died and rose again.


To answer the question- If man did indeed create god, he did so in a time when "The Universe" and his place in it were less of a concern than his crops and beasts. So no. I would've thought he created god to explain the inexplicable, sudden deaths, natural disasters, insanity and so on. If god were truly omnipotent and omniscient, he would not get "lonely." God is obviously a man-made fabrication created to grant some form of structure to what was a very confusing world.


God is not an invention, the fact of searching for a "GOD" is a nature in every human which intensifies the fact that God is their creator and they are searching for Him by nature, for this reason, God sent Prophets to guide humans to Him, and any human who searches faithfully for God with pure mind and honest soul will find Him the same way. It is wrong to apply our laws on God, because simply God is not like us. If you made a machine, does the machine have the same body like you have?, does it apply the same rules applied for you?, does it necessarily know anything about you?, it only works when you switch it on?. Same is applied in our relation with God, our creator, it is not necessarily for us to know things about him that doesn't benefit us, what God revealed to us about Himself is enough. And I suppose one can't respect his god if he knew he was created like him, that question must have an end, the end is that, God was not born, nor bore, and there is nothing like him, and human beings know God through His signs in the universe, till the day when they will be able to see their God will come, the day when humans will be rewarded for their deeds.


So pretty much I have to say that your question is a yes. I personally don't believe in god. I think that a fear of being alone, and the need for explanations to things that you can't exactly explain. So to put it simply: In my opinion, yes.

I find it takes more faith to believe that the universe, the earth, and everyone and everything on earth just "happened" from the Big Bang. No, there is no way the human body, all the many different forms of animal and plant life, and even the changing of the seasons could have just "happened" without divine creation. It strikes me as unbelievable that some scientists, as well as others, who are actually intelligent people, believe all of the many complex life forms really did evolve without divine intervention, and all from some "big bang". Watch a sunrise or the birth of a new life, or the blooming of a flower and the humming bird that feeds from it. For everything and everyone on this earth, there is a link of one form or another. But the biggest link of all is God. I'm certainly not saying there was no big bang, just that if there was one, then my belief is that it was created by God.

Also, there is no way people could have "made up" the bible on their own as it is; that could have only been through God. The bible has far more fantastic things in it than the most popular science fiction book or movie; people that long ago simply didn't have the knowledge, means, ability or the facts to write it if it weren't from God.

Furthermore, considering the thousands of different people, places, events, etc., in the bible, and considering how many people contributed to the writing of the Bible and the length of time it took to write the Bible, it would have been impossible for people from that long ago to have kept records of what had been previously written. Without word processors, files, etc., or at least a massive indexing system to keep track of all the people, places and events, and without a method for keeping a timeline of events in order, as well as the ancestry of the people of the Bible, it would have been impossible for the Bible to have been written and kept accurate and consistent if man had 'invented' God.