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No, John Brown was killed before the start of the Civil War.

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John Brown led raids with abolionists to revlot against salvery. He was a major influnece in the Civil War time, because he used violence to tell how made he was about slavery. John Brown was not an influence at all in the Civil War.

He died before the civil war so he did not do anything in the war technically.

His actions helped to spark-off the American Civil War.

there were a lot of famous people of the civil war John Brown and more

No, Brown was an abolitionist who was executed for treason before the start of the war.

he was able to get the civil war started to end slavery.

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John Brown, Harriet Tubman and Fredrick Douglass were all pre-Civil War abolitionists

He helped to start the Civil War, and the war brought about the end of slavery.

John Brown came to the Kansas Territory to fight slavery. In May 1856 John Brown led a group that killed several proslavery settlers near Pottawatomie Creek.

He did not fight for civil WAR! he fought for civil RIGHTS and liberties

No he did not fight in the Civil War

He did not fight for either side, though he was clearly fighting against Southern slave-owners. His campaign was aimed at starting a widespread slave rebellion by arming the slaves with weapons stolen from the US Arsenal at Harper's Ferry. He was captured by US troops and hanged in 1859, more than a year before the war started.

he probably was on north or south i dont know

Anti slavery abolitionist John Brown did not spark the US Civil War. He did become a martyr for the cause to end slavery in that he was executed a few months after his attack on the Federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia.

no she didnt fight in the civil war

He did not fight in every war. He only fought two wars named:Civil WarBlack Hawk WarHe got killed by John Wilkes Booth. John Wilkes Booth was hanged and killed.

Women did not fight in the Civil War. But, some did dress up like men to help out in the war.

The Civil War was a fight against the northern and the southern states in the U.S.

John Brown's raid at Harpers Ferry was one of a myriad of events that sparked the Civil War. After his execution, John Brown became the country's most polarizing symbol and greatly increased the animosity between the supporters of slavery and the abolitionists. After John Brown, the South became even more fanatical in the defense of slavery. To his supporters, John Brown was a saint who died in the noble cause of ending slavery; to his opponents, he was an insane murderer.

William Lloyd Garrison was the author of the Liberator. Before and During the Civil War he was a highly active abolitionist who strongly supported the freeing of slaves, he met and supported both John Brown and Fredrick Douglass. After the Civil War he went on to fight for other big disputes like Women's rights. Garrison was an advocate of nonviolence resistance. There is no evidence that he supported the murderous John Brown. In fact, Frederick Douglas did not support John Brown either.

made people want to fight for the north or south

John Browns raid on Harpers Ferry was before the Civil War, and he was quickly stopped and shot in the attack on the armory IMPROVEMENT John Brown wasn't shot during the attack on the armory. He was captured, regularly trialled and hanged on Dec. 2, 1859

Yes, there were hundreds of people named Brown in the Civil War.

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