Did man actually land on the moon?

Yes, man actually did land on the moon. Various conspiracy theories concerning the moon landings being fake are not credible and are rife with inaccuracies and false information.

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Yes man did actually land on the moon. It was Neil Armstrong and his crew, and there is proof because I read this book about it!!!

Hi! Yes, human life did step foot on the moon.

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first two, of twelve, to set foot on the moon.


Personally I do not agree that we ever went to the moon because if we did why haven't we been back!!!???

No bucks, no Buck Rogers. Republican President Nixon ended Apollo as quickly as he could get away with, renamed Cape Kennedy "Cape Canaveral", and saw to it that the last Moonworthy Apollo capsules etc. were wasted on a publicity stunt called "Apollo-Soyuz". Since then, no President has pushed to go again. The public was getting so blaze' about Apollo that people actually griped when Lunar coverage cut into their soap operas!


Also how is the footprint still there (the "wind" created dust when the space shuttle landed so why wouldn't it when it set off - this "wind" would have blown the footprint away).

No air means no wind. Remember, the the Ascent stage of the Lunar Module was several feet above the Moon's surface, supported by the Descent Stage (the gold boxy part with the legs). So the Ascent engine exhaust hit this, not the lunar surface. Since there is no air, there is nothing to carry dust, or for that matter, to be stirred up the way rockets on Earth stir up the air around them. Also, no air means that rocket exhaust sprays out wider, as there is no air it has to push aside. Spraying out wider means less power to push dust in any given spot, even if the exhaust could have reached the ground.


in addition to this the flag in all of the photos appears to be moving in the wind but any logical person knows that there is no wind or atmosphere in space so this would not have happened.

The flags had a metal rod sewn into the top edge, to hold them out to look as though they were flying. Footage of the astronauts twisting the pole back and forth to get the pole into the ground, is edited by moon hoax jokers so you can't hear that what they are doing is wiggling the flagpole to get it deeper. The flag *never* moves unless an astronaut is moving it, or has just moved it and it is settling down, or at the very least, brushes past it. If you look closely, the flag moves back and forth like a pendulum at these times... it does not catch air and billow as a flag in air does.


As well as this there is an area of desert that cannot be accessed by an unauthorised person and anyone who comes into a close range of this area often is killed/shot so there are conspiracies that suggest this area is where the faked moon landing occurred.

The military has a good many places that people can't just wander in, as it is hard to tell a spy from any other guy with a camera. This does not in any way imply that any conspiracies are going on there. People also forget that Apollo was a civilian organization. It is understandable that people forget this... remember "I Dream of Jeannie" portrayed NASA as if it were military! Conspiracy buffs can and do "suggest" a good many conspiracies. But somehow the dog always ate their proof. ;-)


Overall it is just a matter of your own opinion but why should we believe everything "higher figures of authority" say as at the time there was a race with Russia and i think we just wanted to say we beat them - even tho we weren't actually as technologically advanced as them. (It all makes sense!!!)

The Russians would have been the first to cry foul if their radar and telescopes did not show the Apollo capsule going to and from the Moon. If they had not heard the astronauts talking on the radio, if they had not seen them on their own TV gear... they would have been very loud on the subject! it is true they had a heavier lift rocket, but theirs was simply 18 smaller rockets lashed together. They generated a great deal of thrust, if they didn't explode on the pad, which regrettably happened. Since we had less lift, we had to learn to miniaturize electronics, etc. The first CPU on a chip was made for Apollo craft... you are using its descendant now! And no one on Earth has ever been able to copy a moon rock... which are routinely sent to researchers all over the world, who would also raise a fuss if they were fake... remember, they have analysis techniques now no one could have foreseen then. But it takes billions of years of perfectly dry crystal growth, meteoroid impact, and high energy radiation impacts, to make a moon rock. That's nothing that could be copied, even today... let alone back then.


So, yes, beyond all reasonable scientific doubt, men *did* walk on the Moon!

Please see the links below; they will help a lot in understanding what really happened.