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U.S. president Kennedy said many troops to Vietnam to fight the Vietnam War.

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Kennedy was the first president to send troops to Vietnam (others before him sent advisors, but not troops), Johnson escalated the number of troops... Nixon got us out of Vietnam.

Kennedy was asked to send additional troops to Vietnam. He sent additional troops and military advisors over to Vietnam to help.

No actually the first troops send to Vietnam by a president was by Eisenhower.

Actually, the first US troops were sent to Vietnam in 1955, Six years before Kennedy's presidency.

Yes. The Green Beret and SEALS are military personnel; they were sent to Vietnam.

JFK was the first president to send american troops into Vietnam. And yet hippies loved him anyway. Trippy man.

JFK never sent ground troops to Vietnam, but he increased the number of 'military advisers' in Vietnam throughout his presidency. He increased the number from 800 to 3000 in 1961, his first year as president.

Canada Did not send troops to Vietnam.

No, but he did send in advisors, which help escallate the conflict.

Kennedy sent advisers into South Vietnam to help the SV (South Vietnamese).

the president had a small penis and coudent fight it himself

President Eisenhower sent US advisers to Vietnam in 1955.

Presidents do not need the approval to send troops anywhere in the world. However, generally the president attempts to have a consensus with Congress when sending troops somewhere.

It caused President Johnson to send more troops to Vietnam.

The first "advisors" were sent by President Eisenhower on 12 February 1955. On 13 May 1961 President Kennedy sent the first Special Forces troops to Vietnam. In March of 1965 President Johnson sent in two Marine Infantry Battalions.

LBJ was the first US president to send conventional combat troops to RVN and the first president to begin openly bombing North Vietnam.

At first he sent in about 50 military advisors. Later, he expanded this to more "advisors" and even military troops.

The vietcong strikes convinced President Kennedy to send American military advisers to South Vietnam

The Ho Chi Minh Trail enabled north vietnam to send troops to south korea.

President Ford had to send in US Marines and US Sailors to help evacuate Saigon in April 1975.

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