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Vietnam. The last US troops left Vietnam in 1975.

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Who were the first troops to enter Vietnam?

Believe it or not, the first troops into Vietnam were not conventional troops. They were actually the Green Berets, or the 10th Special Operations Forces. They were there to train the South Vietnamese to fight the Guerrilla Vietcong in South Vietnam. They first went in country in the 1950's.

Did Canada send troops to Vietnam?

Canada Did not send troops to Vietnam.

Why did the US troops join Vietnam?

To fight communism. To stop a communist nation (North Vietnam) from taking over a non-communist country (SOUTH Vietnam).

What was the plan for the gradual removal of American troops from South Vietnam?

The plan for the gradual removal of American troops from south Vietnam was called Vietnamization. South Vietnamese troops were trained to use American arms and materiel to protect their country.

Did troops stay in North or South Vietnam after war?

The South Vietnamese Army surrendered in April of '75. South Vietnam was a defeated nation in April '75. The victorious Northern troops were stationed through out the new country of Vietnam (there was no more N. or S. Vietnam after '75).

Is Vietnam politically divided?

From 1954 to 1975, Vietnam was divided at the 17th parallel. In April, 1975, North Vietnam troops accepted the surrender of South Vietnam from its president, thereby unifying Vietnam into a single country.

Did president Kennedy send troops to Vietnam?

U.S. president Kennedy said many troops to Vietnam to fight the Vietnam War.

After the withdraw of the American troops south Vietnam was taken over by what country?

the north and south are one country, not taken over by anyone.

How many troops did Australia send to the Vietnam War?

Australia maintained a military force of approximately 8,000 men in country during the Vietnam War.

In 1954 what country surrendered Vietnam to communist forces in Viet Minh?

France called Vietnam a colony of theirs. When French troops left in 1954, th UN divided Vietnam into North and South Vietnam.

When did president Nixon first send troops to Vietnam?

Kennedy was the first president to send troops to Vietnam (others before him sent advisors, but not troops), Johnson escalated the number of troops... Nixon got us out of Vietnam.

When did US troops get pulled out of Vietnam?

Nixon pulled out 540,000 troops, out of Vietnam, during his "Vietnamization". The remaining 27,000 troops were pulled out in 1973.

Why US troops at Thailand tdy's in Vietnam 1962?

Why US troops at Thailand tdy's in Vietnam 1962?

When did American troops land in Vietnam?

The first American combat troops landed in Vietnam on March 8, 1965. These troops, 3,500 Marines, landed near Da Nang in South Vietnam.

How many US troops were committed to Vietnam in 1965?

By the end of 1965, the United States had 184,300 troops in Vietnam.

Why were the troops pulled out of Vietnam?

The American Military pulled the troops out of Vietnam because of political pressure on the home front.

Did Britain have troops in Vietnam?

yes they had at least 300 troops their

What year were American troops sent to Vietnam?

Conventional forces in large numbers began arriving in country in '65.

How did France gain control of Vietnam?

By landing troops with superior weapons, this is the way any country subjugates another.

What was the effect of the Vietnam war on Vietnam?

The North took over Saigon shortly after U.S. troops pulled out of Nam, resulting in the country being taken over by communism.

How many Hispanic troops served in Vietnam?

They were US troops, not hispanic troops. Approximately 170,000 American males of Hispanic descent served in the Vietnam War.

Who did Kennedy send over to Vietnam?

Kennedy was asked to send additional troops to Vietnam. He sent additional troops and military advisors over to Vietnam to help.

How many troops were in Vietnam when President Nixon took office?

When President Nixon took office there was approximately 536,100 American troops in Vietnam. President Nixon immediately started reducing the number of troops in Vietnam.

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