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Yes, since the Neolithic era is part of the stone age. Back in the Paleolithic, they hunted and gathered food.

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In the old stone age they began to use stone for tools. In the middle stone age they began to use fire,and farm. In the New stone age they began to build communities.

in the old stone age, early humans didn't yet know how to farm. they survived by hunting and gathering. in the new stone age, people learned how to farm so they didn't hunt or gather as much.

old stone age is the time before prehistory and the new stone age is the time during civilization and the time after history In the Old Stone Age, people hunted and gathered food. In the New Stone Age, people learned how to farm and grow crops.

how did surplus effect the new stone age

the New age when people learned how to farm Actually its the New Stone Age.

During the old stone age they hunted and gathered.During the new stone age they farm

Early stone age people were hunter gatherers, they did not live in houses. Later in the stone age people did begin to settle down and farm, and the transition from stone to bronze did not, of itself, drive a change in house design.

4 things people did in the new stone age and not in the old stone age is: 1. Farm 2. Develop into early cities 3. Bring water into the cities using irrigation 4.Have a centralized government and social classes

yes everybody farm since forever

During the stone age people learned to make fire, being nomads and hunter gathers, the most important thing was that they learned how to make tools out of stone and to farm.

The new stone Age began when our ancestors started to farm and plant crops

in the old stone age, people didn't know how to farm. they survived by hunting and gathering; they were hunter-gatherers. people in the new stone age learned how to plant crops and how to tame wild animals and breed them. animals helped In hunting a lot. hope this helped :)ih

how people trade in the old stone age

NO, the stone age is when people used stone tools

When Stone Age people died,people carried on with their

The stone age was followed by the bronze age.

people wore animal skin in the stone age

The Neolithic Age is the end of the Stone Age. People in the Paleolithic age did not live in permanent housing. People in the Neolithic age began to settle down in permanent structures and farm.

Yes, they were made out of stone, that was why it was called the stone age.

The people of the old stone age hunted and farmed.

Mostly other old stone age people.

the stone age people dressed in animal skins and hides

People call it the Stone Age because of the about of stone tools at the time.

Well, I sincerely doubt the stone age was alive, but stone age people lived on all of them except for Antarctica.

Before learning to farm, people were hunters and gatherers. It was around the end of the Stone Age when humans first started to learn farming. Farming was less labor intensive and people began to form communities.

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