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Did the Chevrolet 350 5.7 liter motor ever had the option of over head cam heads?



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I don't know for certain but I did a little research on this a while back, and I couldn't find any available with dual over head cam. I would like to think that GM had advanced to this some time ago (Like in the 90's when it became so popular) but where are the motors??? If I'm not mistaken, the technology goes way back so maybe they tried it long ago? I would be willing to drop a built 350 with dual overhead cams in my z28 any day if I could find one.

The performance benefits are proven and tested. I mean with some modifications to a dual overhead cam design, one can adjust valve timing and lift and possibly duration. Where talking major Horsepower and torque advances!!! And at the same time improving efficiency of the motor, meaning better gas mileage when your foots not on the floor.

Whats wrong here WHY is this even a question!! Come on GM get it together!!!!

yes they did i have a 88 caprice police interceptor package and it has over head cam heads 5.7 from the fabric. i buy this car in Austin Texas from travis county sheriff department in1996 and its runing like hell.