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That's certainly one theory. But not one supported by any hard evidence.

All the real evidence makes it clear that Oswald did it. There is no shred of evidence that he had or needed help.

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Who did lee Harvey kill?


Why did the FBI take the films from the killing of JFK?

They needed to view them to see if the killer could be identified.

How dangerous is being a FBI spy agent?

It means someone wants to kill you in a snap or will kill you. So to be an FBI agent is very dangerous.

Why was Lee Harvey Oswald shunned?

Because they thought he killed JFK. But an ex FBI agent told us that it couldn't have been him because the building was behind him and he was shot in the front. The FBI agent had interviewed a person a week before JFK's assassination and the person he interviewed was threatening to kill JFK. The FBI agent also found a picture of the man he interviewed a week before standing behind JFK's car. He also proved the rifle couldn't have been the weapon that killed JFK. Because it was bolt action. How could have Lee Harvey Oswald shot 3-6 rounds that fast? Hope this helped!

What are the release dates for Did the Mob Kill JFK - 2009 TV?

Did the Mob Kill JFK - 2009 TV was released on: USA: 22 November 2009

Did slaves ever kill there master?

no or the FBI will kill them cause there master is rich

How did Lee Harvey Oswald kill JFK?

With a rifle.

When did oswald buy the rifle to kill JFK?


Why did Sirhan Sirhan kill JFK?

He did not kill John Kennedy, he killed Robert Kennedy.

What are the reasons that Oswald did not kill JKF?

If you mean JFK, there are no reasons why Oswald didn't kill him, because Oswald did kill him.

What was used to kill JFK?

He was killed by a rifle shot to the head.

What type of bullet did Oswald use to kill JFK?


Did Lee Harvey Oswald kill JFK?


Do people who work for the FBI shoot to kill?

only tomas

Who owned the gun used to kill jfk?

Lee Harvey Oswald

What type of gun was used to kill JFK?

Manlicher Carcano Rifle

Can the FBI kill you?

If you pose as an immediate lethal threat to them or anyone else.

How to get a FBI suit on GTAsa?

u can only get it through mods on the PC version of gta sa (there is a glitch that if u kill more than 500 FBI agents an FBI agent will call u and informs u 2 stop, have to go mett him, then kill him, and walla the FBI agent's suit is delivered 2 ur wardrobe in any safehouse)

What city did JFK is kill?

John F.kennedy was assasssinated in Dallas Texas, in 1963.

Reasons to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald didnt kill JFK?


Where did Lee Harvey Oswald kill JFK?

Dealey Plaza in Dallas,Texas.

Did Freddy Krueger kill JFK when he drove down Elm Street?


Why did they kill JFK?

they killed john f Kennedy because he was president and they were jelouse of him

What did Jack Ruby kill John F. Kennedy with?

Jack Ruby didn't kill JFK. He killed LHO.

How many FBI agents did baby face nelson kill?