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Most of those escaping from Denmark fled to Sweden.

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How did Hitler know who was and wasn't Jewish?

All the people had to research their genealogy and prove they weren't Jewish or had Jewish ancestors. many tried to lie but only few got away with it.

Did Finnish people colonize?

No, they did not. However Finland got colonized by Sweden.

What are the ratings and certificates for The One That Got Away - 1957?

The One That Got Away - 1957 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:K-12 Spain:13 Sweden:15 UK:U

Who got killed first by Hitler?

The communists and jewish people

What kind of people got captured by the Nazis?

Gypsies, gay people, people with disabilities, jewish people and others

Has Sweden got a president?

No, Sweden is a constitutional monarchy.

What was auzwitch?

auzwitch was a camp for Jewish people where they got brutely beat and killed

Where did Hitler keep all the Jewish people?

Adolph Hitler kept the Jewish people in the various Concentration Camps throughout Europe. and got the men to do labour work!

Was it only the Jewish people who got put into the camps during the Holocaust?

no there were gypsies and gays who got put into those camps

Famous Jewish people who got caught in the Holocaust?

i know Anne frank was in the holocaust

What is the bondage thing that Jewish people do?

Ahh I'm melting..anyone got twofiddy?

What are the release dates for I - Almost Got Away with It - 2010 Got the Wrong Four People Killed - 1.6?

I - Almost Got Away with It - 2010 Got the Wrong Four People Killed - 1.6 was released on: USA: 16 February 2010

Is josef ackermann Jewish?

Josef Ackermann is not Jewish. He got a prestigious Herbert H. Lehman Award from American Jewish Committee. It doesn't mean he is Jewish. African American and Christian Susan Rice also got Distinguished Public Service Award from American Jewish Committee. Neither of them are Jewish. Don't add Jewish label just because people have Jewish sounding names (most Germans have common surnames with Jews)

How many people got away on the life boats of the Titanic?

not a lot....

Why did Jewish people get their heads shaved when they got to Concetration camps?

prevent lice, typhus and other diseases

When the Jewish people got of the train to go to the concentration camps what were they ordered to do first?

march in a line probably

What has Passover got to do with Moses?

Passover commemorates the liberation, led by Moses, of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt.

How did Jewish people escape from concentration camps?

by hiding away and then during the night they would escape, most of the time they would have gotten caught or a German citizan would see them and nark on them. but only a few got away eg: Anne Franks Mother and Father escaped the holocaust by hiding away in a secert place.

What were the effects on people of volcanoes?

Well, the people who got too close were covered by ashes and passed away.

What do Jewish people do for hoildays?

I Havent got the answer for that quite yet someone answer that if you can find it. Thanks Very Much x

How many Jewish people got killed during word war 2?

6,000,000. 6 Million Jews.

What was the result of the diaspora?

C. The Jewish people were scattered across a wide areaThis answer is correct, i got it correct on the assignment.

How many Jews got killed in belgium during the holocaust?

allot of Jewish people were killed, round about 6billion

Who makes up the Swedish government?

The people in Sweden vote at a political party they like and then according to how many % that party got the more people they can put in the government.

Why was it not okey to be Jewish in 1942?

the Jewish got put in jail and then they would be killed