Did the United Nations help Jews during the Holocaust?

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No, the United Nations did not exist at the time.
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Where were the Jews kept during the Holocaust?

The Jews were kept in concentration camps and death camps in different places in Nazi-occupied territory. In Poland, from early 1940 onwards, the Jews were herded into ghettos, which were then sealed off. The food allowed into the ghettos was grossly insufficient. Later, the Jews were transported f ( Full Answer )

Did the United States help the Jews in the Holocaust?

Yes America helped the Jews in the Holocaust. ____ During the Holocaust (that is the actual genocide) the only help that the U.S. or any Allied country gave was indirect - by defeating Germany . There was no military action targeted at stopping the Holocaust itself. By the time the America ( Full Answer )

How did non Jews risk their lives to help Jews during the Holocaust?

holocust Men and Women who were not Jewish could help Jews in many ways one of these was taking them into hiding this could be in their house or it could in the back of their business like Anne Frank. If the Nazi Parties found out you would be sent to a concentration camp orr prison with the Jewish ( Full Answer )

Who saved the Jews during the Holocaust?

Just to be clear, 6 million Jews were brutally murdered. Nobody saved ALL of the Jews. Some of the Jews were saved in different ways. 1) German Sympathizers: A number of German Industrialists of which Oskar Schindler is the most famous, felt bad for the Jews, but could not express his sympathy f ( Full Answer )

What did Jews eat during the Holocaust?

Answer 1 In concentration camps food was very hard to get. During breakfast they were given 10 ounces of stale bread with a small piece of Salami, or 1 ounce of Margarine and brown tasteless coffee with NO sugar. At noon soup was given with old Carrots and Rutabagas. Dinner was Stale bread with ( Full Answer )

Did Denmark help the Jews during the Holocaust?

Yes. The Danes secretly shipped nearly all members of their small Jewish community to Sweden. Improved answer: they weren't that innocent... Some of the Danes did help. But some of them also supported the brutal slaying of Jews. In the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem, there is even a letter where ( Full Answer )

Did any people help the Jews during the Holocaust?

Yes, of course!! Many people helped out the Jews by providing food and shelter. Raoul Wallenberg was a famous Jew rescuer that housed Jews in Swedish buildings. Another rescuer includes Paul Gruninger who backdated Jewish passports to allow Jewish refugees to enter Switzerland

What countries helped the Jews during the Holocaust?

Some individuals helped: no country helped as a country. IMPROVE: It is true that no complete country, as one, had completely hid the Jews. However, in countries in Poland, many people helped hide thousands of Jews. The Poles and Polish Jews were allied with each other because they just wanted t ( Full Answer )

Why were jews hated during the holocaust?

During the perpetration of the Holocaust in Europe amid World WarII, the Jews were hated by many Germans, and also some otherEuropeans, for a variety of reasons. At root, however, it seemsquite clear that this hatred stemmed mainly from a deep-seated andterribly irrational prejudice, rather than any ( Full Answer )

Why were jews singled out during the holocaust?

The Jews were singled out by the Nazi's during the Holocaustbecause they were seen as a threat for world dominance. Theybelieved that if this happened, they would destroy the Germans.

Who helped Jews in the Holocaust?

A German man called Oskar Schindler is one man who helped the Jews although it started out for profit because Jew labour was cheap. In the end though he ended up penniless from bribes and black-market purchases for the Schindlerjuden , or Schindler's Jews. Another person was Irene Gut Opdyke, a Pol ( Full Answer )

Why were the Jews targeted during the Holocaust?

Answer 1 because Hitler belved that the Jews were the reason Germany lost WW1 and when he came in power he wanted to "unite" Germany again andby saying that he meant most of the Jews and many others. Answer 2 After World War 1, when Hitler was rising to power, people began togo against the Gover ( Full Answer )

Why were the Jews tattooed during the Holocaust?

Jews, and many non-Jews were tattooed during the Holocaust in order to identify each individual. It was Hitler's way of keeping tabs on it's population through the selection process, (ridding Germany of undesirables like Jews, Gays, etc.). Each number had it's significant meaning, for example: 01234 ( Full Answer )

Where were Jews imprisoned during the Holocaust?

Hitler built some prison camps in Germany during the 1930s-- the best known of these were Buchenwald and Dachau. Later, Jews were rounded up and deported from a number of the Nazi-occupied countries, sent to prison camps where they were usually killed. The most concentration camps were in Poland-- s ( Full Answer )

How were the Jews seen during the Holocaust?

The Jews were nobodies if they were to strong they would be killed and if they were to weak they would also be killed. They had to be good enough to work in work camps the Jews were worked to death.

How was the Jews buried during the Holocaust?

The Nazis never gave the Jews a proper burial. Often, after being killed, they were simply thrown into huge pits. Trucks were used to simply dump them in. Sometimes up to 5,000 people were all thrown together to be buried. Overall, the Nazis were very cruel and could have cared less about how the Je ( Full Answer )

What prevented the Americans form helping the Jews during Holocaust?

During the Holocaust in the sense of systematic genocide (1941-1945) the U.S. and Germany were at war. There was no direct contact between the two countries except in battle. Moreover, communications had been disrupted by war, and from September 1941 onwards Jews were forbidden to leave Germany an ( Full Answer )

Did the US help the Jews during the Holocaust?

The US was fighting against Germany for the liberation of Jews. . ___ . None of the Allies was fighting "for the liberation of the Jews", and none of the Allies did anything aimed at slowing down, disrupting or halting the Holocaust. The Allies didn't want to know what was happening to the Jews. ( Full Answer )

How did the US help Jews after the Holocaust?

the truth is that us didn't help the Jew's. sure afterwards they let some into America but during the actual holocaust they did nothing to stop it. shame on them.

Why were the Non-Jewish Europeans scared to help the Jews during the Holocaust?

The non-Jews if they helped the Jews then then would be arrested and tormented and even killed. _____________________________ It would depend where, when and what kind of help: for example giving some bread to a Jew whilst they were on a Death March, though unlikely to get you killed in the f ( Full Answer )

Did Palestine help Jews in the Holocaust?

Zionist Jews in Palestine did volunteer to assist the Allies fighting in Europe. The most famous of these was Palestinian-born Hungarian Jew Hana Senesh, who was captured by the Nazis and tortured to death. However, the Arab Palestinians assisted the British in preventing Jews fleeing from Europe ( Full Answer )

Did the Germans help the Jews in the Holocaust?

NO!! The Germans actually were killing Jews in concentration camps. The Germans looked below the Jews and thought of them as peasents. They were basically enemies. ___ Some Germans did help (or try to help) the Jews and in some cases suffered terribly for doing so, for example, Armin T. Wegner ( Full Answer )

How did the Jews move about during the Holocaust?

they walked...well actually they were forced to trek hundreds of miles through the snow and freezing temperatures, while wearing whatever scraps of clothing they could find. the Nazis forced them from one camp to another.

Where did the Jews eat during the Holocaust?

Those who lived at home would eat at home, though they may have had some as soon as they got it. Those in camps would generally have their food taken to them.

What did Catholics do to help Jews during the Holocaust?

Basically nothing. A few did things on an individual basis, but as a group; nothing. You will find the names of a few thousand Catholics who helped the Jews in 'Righteous among Nations", but the Catholic Church was an organisation that had during Hitler's leadership distributed encyclicals which w ( Full Answer )

Was there a record of the Jews during the holocaust?

this question is debated by revisionists but YES. The fact is the Gestapo kept meticulous records of their prisoners. The einsatzgruppen murdered Jews and intelligentsia based on prepared lists. ALL concentration camp prisoners were listed, until the final months of the war when administrative activ ( Full Answer )

What were the restrictions on the Jews during the Holocaust?

Germany passed this law called the Nuremberg Laws which strictly stripped Jews from a lot of things they were able to do. ___ Please also see the related question. Most of these laws and restrictions date from the period before the actual start of the Holocaust (in the normal sense of the s ( Full Answer )

Why did nobody help the Jews during the Holocaust?

Plenty of people helped the Jews the best they can. These neutral countries helped hide Jews within their borders. The Vatican City Sweden Spain Portugal Several Individuals, helped hide Jews the most famous being Oskar Schindler. Not to mention the Allies who came and liberated th ( Full Answer )

Who tried to help the Jews in the holocaust?

Lots of countries wanted to help, but few did. Pretty much all of the allies except a few countries tried to help. Also Bulgaria didn't send any Bulgarian Jews to concentration camps, even though they were an axis country for most of the war. So America, Britain, Canada, France, and other allies. ( Full Answer )

How did Frank Foley help the Jews when they were mistreated during the Holocaust?

Frank Foley was an official at the British Embassy in Berlin in the late 1930s and had a senior post in the passport and visa department. As far as possible, he bent or broke the British government's rules for admitting refugees to (1) Britain and (2) the British Mandate of Palestine. He sympathized ( Full Answer )

What would happen if you helped a Jew during the Holocaust?

It would depend upon who you were, where you were, who caught youand what you did: Punishments varied from a warning to execution, punishments weremore severe in the east than in the west, where the laws/decreeswhere different.

Jews during the Holocaust?

Jews during the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied europe were putted into Concentration Camps. Jews who wern't in the Nazi Zones were lucky to survive and not to be involved with the Holocaust.

Why did some Jews help with the Holocaust?

The main reason was that they could in some way help themselves or thier loved ones. For example Rumkowski helped himself and gained a lot of power by helping the Germans. The ghetto police helped because it meant that they could get food for themselves and their families.

What country helped the Jews in the holocaust?

People in many countries such as France, Germany and Poland did try to hide the Jews but the most effective ones were Denmark which only 51 out of 8,800 Jews were killed but countries like Albania and Bulgaria saved it's entire Jewish Population.

Should other countries have tried to help the Jews during the holocaust?

There is no 'should'. Should cannot exist without responsibility and an absolute rightand wrong. There is no way that people today can pass judgment onwhat happened seventy years ago. What one can ask is whether it was possible for other countries tohelp, then to also ask if it was practical. The ( Full Answer )