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Q: Did the Williams light infantry New York militia fight at Gettysburg?
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Did the south fight a good battle in the Battle of Gettysburg?

No one who was a witness to the Battle of Gettysburg would doubt either the honor or the valor of the Army of Northern Virgina. The Confederate infantry who fought there belong to the Ages.

Militia who were ready to fight at a moments notice were known as what?


What is an infantry?

The infantry are the soldiers of an army which travel and fight on foot.

Did the 13th Ohio Volunteer infantry fight at Gettysburg?

I appears not. The 13th Ohio Volunteers seems to have been engaged further south in the areas of Tennesee, Mississippi and Georgia.

What is army infantry?

Infantry is the army, the men who fight, and who march into war. They are the "boots on the ground" and the men who fight battles on the ground.

Which state was the Battle of Gettysburg fight?

The Battle of Gettysburg happened in Pennsylvania.

Did the colonial militia fight for their region?


What are troops called that fight on foot?


What is the importance of the Militia?

They were civilians trained to fight in emergencies

A group of civilians trained to fight in an emergency?


Did any Blacks fight in the Battle of Gettysburg?


Did grant fight in the battle at Gettysburg?


Did George McClellan fight in Gettysburg?


What is a Group of men who travel and fight on foot?


What are soldiers who fight with rifles on the ground called?


What battle began when the Union cavalry surprised the Confederate infantry raiding the town for shoes?

While not entirely accurate, this approximates the way the battle of Gettysburg began. Gettysburg was selected as a location for the fight by Robert E Lee because of the excellent road network there. Lee's soldiers had raided many of the nearby towns and hoped to force Gettysburg to give them a warehouse full of shoes and boots. They were surprised by the presence of a Union cavalry company when they had only expected a few untrained militia. They did not know that nearly 100,000 Union soldiers were within one day of arriving at the scene.

What is a sentence for militia?

A couple of men who were militias were told to fight in the Revolutionary War. In the US, the militia is entirely voluntary.

Fighter pilots vs infantry?

Pilots fight in the sky; Infantrymen fight on the ground.

What do you call a group of civilians trained to fight in the military?

A militia

A group of civilians trained to fight in emergencies is called?


What is a group of civilians trained to fight in emergencies called?


What is a group of citizens trained to fight and help in emegencies?


Did the State of California fight at the Battle of Gettysburg?

No, they were not a state then.

Did the 369th Infantry Regiment ever fight in combat?


Why did the infantry in ancient armies fight in close formation?