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Q: Did the acquisition of spanish horses transform the Sioux and cheyenne from crop growing villagers into nomadic buffalo hunters?
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How did the cheyenne hunt buffalo?

They used weapons and threw them at the buffalo

What kind food did Cheyenne eat?


What animals did the Cheyenne inaidiains huht?

they hunted the buffalo

What do the Cheyenne Indians eat?

They eat buffalo skin

What are the Cheyenne Indians clothes made of?

Buffalo or Deer

What were the cheyenne Indians tools made of?

buffalo bones

What are the Cheyenne Indians main source of food?

The Cheyenne's main food source is buffalo berry's.

What did the cheyenne live in and what is it made out of?

The Cheyenne Indians lived in tepees. Tepees are made out of buffalo skin.

How do cheyenne people move from place to place?

The Cheyenne traveled place to place to follow and hunt buffalo:)

What is the diet of the cheyenne tribe?

buffalo,meats,and fruit not to sure

What food did the Cheyenne Indians eat?

They ate buffalo meat

How many buffalo did the Cheyenne's hunt a year?

984,481,026 aproximately

What animals was hunted by the cheyenne Indian tribe?

they hunted the buffalo

How did the Cheyenne use horses?

the cheyenne used horses to hunt buffalo ,to carry travois , to be more mobil and to travel

How did Cheyenne Indians travel from place to place?

the cheyenne traveled by horseback because they followed their food source the buffalo/ the bison. The cheyenne Indians were/ are very nomadic.

What did the cheyenne Indians eat?

they ate fish, beans, and buffalo meat.

What type of food did the cheyenne tribe eat?

The Tribe Eats buffalo

What were the national resources of the Cheyenne Indians?

buffalo skins and fish from the rivers

What were some natural resources of the Cheyenne Indians?

buffalo,deer and wood

What natural resources did the Cheyenne tribe use?

Some are buffalo and travois.

What were the houses made out of for the cheyenne Indian tribe?

they were made out of buffalo skin

What were the Cheyenne Indians natural resources?

The Cheyenne Indians used buffalo skin to make clothes, tepees and other things

What foods did the cheyenne Indians ate?

the cheyenne indians ate buffalo fish berries corn beans squash and fruit

What does bonecrusher transform into?

Bonecrusher is a character in the Transformers series. He can transform into a Buffalo mine-clearing vehicle that is used by the military.

What type of food did the Cheyenne eat?

buffalo,wild berries,and they drank water