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Did the Berlin Wall go through Berlin?


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The Berlin Wall sliced right through the heart of Berlin. It divided Berliners into West and East Berliners, until 1989 when the wall came down.

The Wall stretched over a hundred of kilometres. Not only did it run the center of Berlin, but also wrapped around West Berlin, which meant that Berlin was cut off from the rest of East Germany.

Maps of Berlin published in East Germany showed west Berlin as a blank.

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The Berlin Wall was built through Berlin so that it circled East Berlin. East Berlin was the section controlled by the Soviets. East Berlin was kept isolated from the rest of the world except for the Berlin Airlift. No one could enter or exit without a special visa or risk a dangerous passage over the wall and through mines.

Berlin wall separated east and western Germany. western Berlin belonging to Federal Republic of Germany. the wall was built 1961 and opened 1991. while its existence a socialist dictatorship prohibited the people of eastern Germany to pass the border.

The Berlin Wall went up on August 13th 1961 at night.

The wall was located in the city of Berlin,Germany and wound its way through the city for 60 miles.

It used to be on a half of Germany so Berliners couldn't go through the western side. But,The wall got torn down in 1989.

because the wall was in the city Berlin

1500 km in length and 4 km through Berlin itself

The Berlin wall is the middle of Berlin as divider.

The Berlin Wall is in Berlin. and guess what the great wall of china is in.. China

The Berlin Wall was built in Berlin.

No, the Berlin Wall is no longer there but fragments of the wall can still be seen. The Berlin Wall was demolished in 1989.

The purpose of the Berlin Wall was to force people to remain in the eastern half of Berlin. At the time the wall was built, millions of people had fled East Germany to seek better lives in the west. many of the escaping through Berlin. The wall stopped them and forced them to remain in East Germany.

The Berlin Wall divided East Berlin from West Berlin in Germany.

The Berlin Wall surrounded West Berlin. Therefore... Inside the Berlin Wall: West Berlin Outside the Berlin Wall: The two closest cities were Potsdam to the west, and East Berlin to the east.

The Berlin Wall was built in Germany in August of 1961. The Berlin Wall was built to separate East Germany and East Berlin from West Berlin. The Berlin Wall was destroyed in 1990 which allowed for unification of West and East Berlin.

The Berlin Wall was destroyed in 1989. The Berlin Wall was used as a barrier between West Berlin and East Berlin and East Germany.

Berlin was the city divided by the Berlin Wall.

It was a barrier of barbed wire. When people began to run through the wire, they built it into a wall.

You CAN go through the wall if you firstly smash a car into it then run OR you can go through a wall by running through a WET CEMENT wall.

there was none the Berlin wall sucked.

Berlin Wall ended in 1989.

The Berlin Wall was ripped down in the 1980's.Technically, the Berlin Wall was illegal.

The Berlin wall didn't split Berlin, it surrounded the western sectors of the city

They called the Berlin Wall "The Wall of Shame."

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