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Did the church alter the bible at any time?

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I believe they first compiled The Bible as such, around 1500 years ago. I am sure it must have been changed since then but have no examples. Back then it would have been written in Latin. The later translation into English was very controversial, as the Church was not at all certain they wanted just anyone to be able to read the Bible... just the ones who could read Latin and who therefore must also be members of the Church already. In translating one language to another, you can be sure than things get changed. Translating languages is a lot more than plugging one word in for another. But I have nothing specific to show you. I just hope people understand that in real life, biblical people did not go around spewing "thees, thous, begats, wherefores, and unto's". That was the sound of English back when the translating was done.

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Is there anything in the bible about a five star church?

There is nothing in the Bible about any church being starred, five or otherwise.

Do Lutheran people read The Bible?

As the bible is there for all to read at any time they do like, yes the Lutheran people and the Lutheran church do very much read the protestant bible.

What Scriptures did the Catholic Church change in the Bible?

Roman Catholic AnswerYou are operating with a mistaken assumption. The Catholic Church wrote the Bible, the Catholic Church decided which books were canonical (included in the Bible), and the Catholic Church has conserved the Bible through the centuries. The only ones who changed any Scriptures in the Bible are the protestants, who, after fifteen centuries of a Bible preserved by the Catholic Church came along and threw books out of the Bible, and changed the meanings of books they would not throw out.

'where in the scripture it says carry the Bible to church'?

I do not remember any place in the bible where it says to carry your bible to church. This is because when the scriptures were written, there was no bible per-say. The bible as we know it, was not put together until much later. That being said, it is always good to bring your bible to church, to follow the individual giving the sermon, and to check out the accuracy of the teaching.

Who translates the bible to Hebrew and Greek at churches?

The Bible is never translated TO Hebrew and Greek in any church because it was originally written in Hebrew and Greek.It is translated FROM Hebrew and Greek, but this is done by the publisher of the printed Bible used in the church. It is not done by a church member.

Who is the most sensible Bible preacher man in present time?

Eli soriano members of Church of God in the Bible.. We need to join the church in the Bible which is the Church OF God.. To God be The glory... You can watch him on YouTube fb Instagram etc.. Listen and observe

How do you start your own Bible study?

This info could be attained from any church.

What is a mantle covering mention in Christian church?

Is there any area in the bible where they mention the covering or protection of church people with a mantle

What is a Bible passage?

A Bible "passage" is merely any portion of it that you may be reading at any given time.

Is don is any type of any angel?

Search it up in a Roman Catholic Bible or ask a priest from a church

When people may read The Bible?

When? The Bible is for any time, and all times.

What language is the Catholic Bible?

Catholic editions of the Bible are available in most languages for better access to the faithful around the world. The official language of the Church is Latin and thus any official references to the Bible by the Universal Church hierarchy are cited in Latin.

Do altar boys in the Greek Orthodox church represent a seraph?

No; seraphim are seen as the highest class of angels. While they are important on the alter, alter boys are just there to help out; they are there out of necessity and there is not much, if any, symbolism attached to them.

What chapters were taken out of the Bible?

Catholic AnswerThere were no chapters taken out of the Bible. The Bible is the Word of God, and has been guarded whole and entire by the Catholic Church from the very beginning. The Bible wasn't even divided into chapters until the twelve century, and nobody (at least before Martin Luther) would have had the temerity to go against God and His Church and remove any sections of the Bible. The Bible we have today is the exact same Bible that the Catholic Church defined at the end of the fourth century.

Where can you buy the new American bible?

At Barns and Noble, a church, or any book store really.

What is Jeff aments religion?

He grew up Catholic and was an alter boy at the church he attended. Not sure what religion (if any) he affiliates himself with nowadays...

What church are best for all types of Christians?

Christian non denominational churches are fine for any Christian, but only go to a church that is Bible based.

What Bible is used by the Catholic Church?

Catholic AnswerThe New Vulgate is the official Bible of the Catholic Church, it is in Latin. Any Bible that contains an imprinimatur and a nihil obstat is approved by the Church for private use (those are official declarations that the Bible translation you are reading, and any notes in it are free from error and that the Bible translation itself is accurate; in English, this would include the Douay-Rheims, the Jerusalem and New Jerusalem, the Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition, the New American Bible, etc. The lectionary is a book which contains all the Bible readings used at Mass, it is in several volumes and covers most of the Bible, although not all.

When does a cleric talk to his god in dnd?

A cleric can talk to his god at any time, but is most successful at an alter or a time of rest.

Can you read the Bible in the toilet?

You can read the bible anywhere at any time, that will be your own personal choice.

How can I get a free Bible?

There are many places to get a free Bible online, you can go to any search engine and type in "free Bible" or you can just call a local church (the numbers are in your local phone directory) and ask them where you can get a free Bible.

Was Abe Lincoln a Christian?

no he was not. He believed in God and read from the bible but never aligned himself with any church.

Who preaches The Bible?

People who preach the Bible typically include priests, bishops, deacons, any spiritual figure that needs one in a church during mass.

Is there Any words that start with 'alter'?

Alteration, alternative, alternate...

Are there any other Bibles that follow the Catholic teaching?

Roman Catholic AnswerThere is only one Bible, it was written by the Catholic Church, preserved for centuries by the Catholic Church, and is interpreted by the Catholic Church. There is no other.