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Did the church alter the bible at any time?


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March 17, 2010 9:32PM

I believe they first compiled the Bible as such, around 1500 years ago. I am sure it must have been changed since then but have no examples. Back then it would have been written in Latin. The later translation into English was very controversial, as the Church was not at all certain they wanted just anyone to be able to read the Bible... just the ones who could read Latin and who therefore must also be members of the Church already. In translating one language to another, you can be sure than things get changed. Translating languages is a lot more than plugging one word in for another. But I have nothing specific to show you. I just hope people understand that in real life, biblical people did not go around spewing "thees, thous, begats, wherefores, and unto's". That was the sound of English back when the translating was done.