Did the mayans trade with other tribes?


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Yes they did Trade with others

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with other groups in the Mayans


yes they traded buffalo with other tribes

The Mayans and the Aztec have in common is that they are both Indian tribes !!

The Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas were the Native Americans! Yes, they fought with and conquered many of their neighboring the Native American tribes.

Whatever they made. For example, Jades, Food and other items

Yes, the Mayans traded their art for other goods.

The ancient Mayans traded salt, pottery, cloth, and lots of other stuff.

They would trade metal, knives, fish, and other things other tribes couldn't get.

The Aztecs, Mayans, and Olmec tribes lived in Mexico

The Inuit did trade with other tribes. They traded fur, meat, dolls, guns, sleds, fish, and food. They trade because it improved how they lived. The Inuit also traded their technology/tools.

the shoshone traded with other tribes to meat their needs

Yes, they traded stones and shells.

the MEXICANS lived their thousands of years ago before AMERICA. so those indians tribes were really "MEXICAN MAYANS" and other MEXICAN TRIBES!!

The Mayans recorded trade and ceremonial rituals.laws of their society

Crops, and other things were traded between tribes.

The Aztecs fought with many tribes, including the Texlacans, the Huaxtec, the Purempecha, Mayans,and the spanish conquistadors

The people of indus valley did not trade with the mayans

Aztecs(most famous), Mayans and Flours

The Egyptians and Mayans created calendars.

the Aztecs were a African tribe together were like any other tribe but one of the most populated ones! :] They had other tribes against them ?different ones such as:... the incans , and Mayans! :]

They gained the trust of the Mayans, Aztecs and other early tribes and then attacked them because they found out they had gold in their cities.

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