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No they did not. Tomatoes originate from America and reached Europe after the discovery of America.

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What were the taxes in Anicent Rome called?

The Latin word for tax is "tributum".

What anicent cultures influenced the renaissance?

Primarily Roman and Greek (via Rome).

Who were the Consul in anicent Rome?

the consules were the top of the government both men has to agree. Elected for one year

What did anicent rome use to communicate?

Letters, sent by messengers [by ship or land] They also had wax tablets.

Who created the twelve tables in anicent rome?

The Law of the Twelve tables was compiled by the Decemviri, a committee of ten men.

What is the meaning of alla romana?

It means "of Rome" - usually it's something to do with tomatoes.

What are three things about anicent Egypt?

who ever three quenns in anicent egypt is lesliemayra and mlt214

Why is Augustus an important part of anicent rome history?

he was a great leader;rebelled against Caesar's assasinators,always visited his conquered lands,paved the way for 200 years of peace and prosperity in rome and was the first roman emperor.

What do ancient Rome government have in common wit ancient Egypt government?

he blows not that anicent romes goverment was a republic ppl and and egypt is democratic ok hope this hepled alot :))

Where did the anicent Chinese live?

in China.

What did the anicent Romans write with?


What did anicent India trade?


What are some traditional foods people eaten in Rome?

Pasta, tomatoes, and olive oil would be prime ingredients.

Plural word for tomato?

It is tomatoes.It is tomatoes.It is tomatoes.It is tomatoes.It is tomatoes.It is tomatoes.

Which anicent people invented paper?

The Egyptians

When were the anicent Olympic games held?


What did soldiers eat in anicent Egypt?


Who wrote fables in anicent Greece?


Did the anicent egyptians eat bananas?


How old did you have to be to rule in anicent rome?

During the monarchy (753-509 BC) and the republic (509-27 BC) you had to be 30. During the rule by emperors (27 BC-476 AD) you had to come of age (17).

Who lived in anicent greek houses?

Ancient Greeks?? .......

What was leapfrog called in anicent Egypt?

khuzza lawizza

What were clothes made out of in anicent Egypt?

linen cloth

What does ka mean in anicent Egypt?

a Egyptian spirit

Who was the God of the Underworld oin Anicent Egypt?