Did using tester contact lens transmit diseases?

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A contact lens (CL) can act as a vector for microorganisms to adhere to and transfer to the ocular surface. Commensal microorganisms that uneventfully cohabitate on lid margins and conjunctivae and potential pathogens that are found transiently on the ocular surface can inoculate CLsin vivo.
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Can you use expired contact lens solution?

You can but it is not advisable nor is it safe. After the expiration date, your contact lens solution may begin to degrade; how fast will depend on the brand and chemical comp

Can you get eyeglasses using contact lens prescription?

haha by paulg1997 I work for Contact Lens King an online retailer of contact lenses. There are ways to convert the prescription but your ECP will be the one to do it for you.

Is it okay to use eye drops as contact lens solution?

Yes, I use them all the time. They will provide some lubrication to the eye without harming them. They have to be "sterile" to begin with in order not to "dirty" the eye altho

Can you re - use contact lens after it expires?

No. Follow your eye care practioner instructions. If he/she tells you to go back in one year to make sure your eyes are ok wearing contact lenses, then do it

What are bionic contact lens uses?

At present their use is limited to fictional stories. Work on 'bionic' implants, of various kinds, is in its infancy buy has nothing to do with the fictional stories you ma

Can you re use contact lens after it expires?

It's highly advised by eye doctors not to use reused contacts that has expired. The eye lense(s) prescription may have change, and if you do end up using them, it could lead t
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well that should be obvious, it all depends on what disease they have, if its contagious then saliva would be the last thing you would want them to get on you.
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