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no if they even watched it they would be sentenced to death

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The first Olympic games occurred in Greece in 776 BC. The first Olympic games did not have many events and only Greek men were allowed to compete.

The first few and the ancient Olympic games.

Any free-born could compete in it and the men and boys were different divisions.

The first ancient Greek Olympic Games took place in 776 BC in Olympia.

The answer to the question is "THE FIRST OLYMPIC GAMES"

The ancient Olympics were in honor of the ancient Greek gods.

Women were not allow to compete at the first Olympic in 1896.

men competed in the first Olympic games women didn't have the rights.

They wore nothing, it is the tradition in ancient Greece to compete naked.

the first olympic games were in greece and only greek atheltes were involved

History says that the very first Olympians competed in the Ancient Olympic Games in Olympia, Greece. The first Modern Olympic Games was held in April of 1896 in Athens, Greece.

A sacrifice to Zeus, in whose honour the Games were held.

Women were able to compete in the 1900 Olympic Games.

The first Ancient Olympics were held between 776BC and 393AD - a span of 1168 years.

Italy competed at the first Modern Olympic Games in 1896. They sent one athlete that compete in Shooting.

No, ladies were not allowed to compete in the ancient greek Olympics until much later then men. The first recorded Olympics were in 776BC, but women could not compete for another 500 years. Glad i could help :)

the women first were aloud to compete in the Olympics in 1896

The first city to light the Olympic flame was.. ATHENS, GREECE:D Hope my input helped!! :DThe first city to light the Olympic flame is always the ancient Greek city of Olympia where the Games originate from.

While only men were allowed o compete, all could watch even the ancient olympics. Who was first woman can't be determined.

the first aboriginal Australian to participate in the olympic games was Kevin coombes in 1960, but he was a paralympian. (:

Women were first allowed to compete in the Olympic Games in Paris in 1900. Women were allowed to compete in tennis, as well as golf.

the Ancient Greeks did. The Ancient Greek are the ones who first came up with the Olympics, one of the main sports was wrestling, along with many other extremely physical activities.

The Greeks first invaded the Island of Crete in 1200 BC. Early civilization among the Greek started with the Olympic Games in 776 BC.