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Why dont you ask first from her "Are you in love ?"

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What do you do when your boyfriend breaks up with you because he thought you liked another guy?

Talk to your boyfriend in person. And tell him to his face that u didnt like anyone else, and that you are telling the truth.

How you know your new boyfriend like you?

Why would he be your boyfriend if he never liked you in the first place!

What does it feel like to have your boyfriend eat you out?

Well if you really liked your boyfriend, that would probably break your heart. But if you only liked your boyfriend it might hurt a little but not as much. But you have to remember life still goes on.

What do you do if you like a guy but you already have a boyfriend?

Break up with your boyfriend because if you truly liked your boyfriend you wouldn't like the second guy.

Why would he hang with her and her boyfriend if he never liked her company?

Maybe he has a crush on the boyfriend. You should probably ask 'him'.

How come I feel like I'm not in love with my boyfriend but i do love him?

maybe your just telling your self you are but you aren't .i used to have a major crush on a guy but then i realized i only liked him because of other girls and the way he looked.

Your ex boyfriend starting dating a new girl and you got a new boyfriend and your ex started asking him how you were doing and what you have done together. why is this?

he is either still in love with you or he wants to know the different bewtween him and the new boyfriend and see who u liked better

What should you do if your best friend is telling the guy you like that you liked him?

talk to the guy

Why have you got a boyfriend?

Because I like to be loved or liked, and have someone to my own.

What do you say when your boyfriend ask why you stay with him?

Tell him.. his values which you liked the most !

If you are going out with someone and you like someone else what do you do?

You dump them, if you REALLY liked your girlfriend\boyfriend. You wouldn't have liked the other person Save

What is popular culture?

Popular Culture is the collection of memes or ideas which are popular. Popular Culture is well-liked and creates the prevailing culture.

Did anyone like hiphop culture in 2007?

I think a lot of people liked the hip hop culture in 2007

If your boyfriend kissed his ex and said that he liked it what do you do?

Is this a serious question? You breakup with him asap.

What do I say when my boyfriend ask what did I see in him?

Well you answer, best as you can. What was it about him that caught your attention and that you liked.

What was davy Crockett hobbies?

Davy liked hunting, competing in shooting contest, and telling stories.

Does Hayley kiyoko has a boyfriend?

Yes, she does her boyfriend is Chris Brochu they met each other and liked each other on set from lemonde mouth.

Your boyfriend and you had a fight two weeks ago and he never called you again?

well that means he ethier never liked you or you got into a fight and or he liked you for your stuff

What do i do if i like some one but they don't like you back?

tell them it works i really liked someone and then i told them and they said they liked me amd now he is my boyfriend!

What can you infer from Sumerians enjoying music?

One can infer that they liked to explore their culture.

You have liked this girl for a while and thought she liked you but found out today that she doesnt feel ready for a boyfriend is what shes been telling her friends?

Same thing happened to me, ay. Just don't rush things and stay friends. Make her realise that you are what she needs. Then eventually she'll see that you're the one for her and you can maintain a stable relationship. Hope this helps, Dr. Kay

You just broke up with your boyfriend and you really liked him how can you get him back?

Ask your friend to talk with him.

Should you be friends with the girl that was your friend until she started going out with the guy you liked and he liked you too for like a year?

Yes, but maybe not like boyfriend and girlfriend.

How do you get a girl to tell you she likes you?

My last boyfriend got me to tell him I liked him by initiating a game of truth or dare. I thought it was really cute and he got me to admit I liked him!

Who is Mary Kates boyfriend?

Her boyfriend was a boy in 8th Grade called Jackson Beam but as she got older she liked Nate Lowman so I'll say her boyfriend is Nate Lowman. MARY-KATE'S BOYFRIEND IS NATE LOWMAN