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Did you have a miscarriage if you had severe pains for several hours and when you went to the bathroom a big clot came out and then the pain stopped?


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It is quite possible you had a miscarriage. Did you know you were pregnant? Have you had an ultrasound scan before or since?


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Don't force a miscarriage as this can cause severe health problems, up to and even including your death.

Yes, ita called hyperwmesis gravidarum

No, all the normal body functions are not dangerous when you are pregnant or cause a miscarriage. If the reason you are crying is severe shock or something then maybe.

A situation in which only some of the products in the uterus have been expelled is called an incomplete miscarriage. Pain and bleeding may continue and become severe.

This can be very difficult to answer. There are several factors which indicate a miscarriage. The first sign would be symptoms of pregnancy and a missed period. When a Woman experiences a miscarriage she will experience severe abdominal pain, very sharp pains which radiate all over the abdomen. Very heavy bleeding which then occur a few minutes to several hours after the pain started. During the miscarriage the Embriotic tissue will be expelled. This usually looks like a sac or tissue with veins. The bleeding usually occurs for 9-14 days.

There are several different things that can let you know you are having a miscarriage. Some of these things include back pain, weakness, fever, abdominal pain, severe cramps, and bleeding that goes from light to heavy.

Only if you are going to the bathroom a lot due to having severe dysentery or a deadly form of food poisoning.

you could be having a miscarriage, see a doctor asap

It could if it hit the baby or it could just cause severe brain damage. That may not be the reason why you have a miscarriage, regardless of whether you were hit or not.

Severe abdominal pain & bleeding is always experience during a miscarriage. Small abdominal pains can be a indication of problems & you should seek a doctors opinion on this. Severe abdominal pains require A&E. However mild abdominal pains are very common during early pregnancy & in the majority of cases are not a threatened miscarriage.

he died on the toilet because of severe constapation

Bleeding does occur during a miscarriage. It can range from a regular flow to a very heavy flow. There also could be some severe cramping before you miscarry, along with the bleeding.

The test will show positive for a few weeks after a miscarriage until the hormones have settled. You need to get a ultrasound to be sure.

Not directly. However, it the abscess becomes systemic and the infection affects the whole body, causing sepsis, then it is possible for miscarriage to occur as a result of this severe and potentially life-threatening state.

If someone has severe bleeding that can't be stopped then you want to apply pressure on the artery above the wound to control bleeding.

I'm sure it can feel different for different people but for me it was severe cramping in the middle of my lower abdomen, right where my uterus is. If you think your having a miscarriage the best thing you can do is go see your Dr or go to the er.

Sounds like a miscarriage to me. If you were 3 days late and then have severe bleeding and back ache it's either your menstrual period or a miscarriage. You aren't pregnant if you had severe bleeding. I hope you went to see a doctor and if you didn't I would go and make sure you are okay and if you are still thinking you are pregnant for some reason you can get a blood test done. Hope you're okay and take care of yourself.

Listeriosis can cause miscarriage, fetal or newborn death, premature delivery, or severe illness in the mother and infant.

No. It's dangerous to attempt to cause a miscarriage. Any miscarriage poses health risks, include an incomplete miscarriage, severe loss of blood, infection, and possibly death. Go to a doctor or hospital immediatley if you are having one. If you are talking about Malt Beer then yes! If you are talking about Malted Milk no!

During a miscarriage at the 12 week point you can see large clots (that look much like raw liver) and you can also see the baby's body. The baby will look somewhat grey (hence the term grey matter). You should bleed for a few days. At first the bleeding and cramping might be severe but if there are no complications and the miscarriage is a complete miscarriage the symptoms will lessen.

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These symptoms may last from several minutes to several hours. More severe or longer-lasting symptoms may indicate more severe brain injury.

Severe Bleeding Stopped Breathing Indigestion Poisoning

You need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even though you have a miscarriage it doesn't mean your body removed everything from the pregnancy. If you still have part of the placenta or baby inside your uterus it could cause severe infections.

In a house. If it is severe, in a basement, in a hallway, a bathroom, just somewhere away from glass and thin walls.

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