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Q: Did you hear about the two punsters who told a lot of jokes about cats?
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Cat has nine lives?

No, cats do not have nine lives. It is an old myth that people told as jokes and stories. Cats only have one life, just like we humans do.

What are 6 pig jokes?

There are a few different pig jokes told. The most popular pig joke told is the zookeeper joke.

What are the ratings and certificates for Jokes My Folks Never Told Me - 1978?

Jokes My Folks Never Told Me - 1978 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

Who was the Boston comedian who was on Just For Laughs and told the jokes about travel?

ALL of them tell travel jokes

I am gping to be a master of ceronies for a commodores ball. i need nautical jokes told by a women?

There are several sites with nautical jokes. They will be great jokes to tell while you are master of ceremonies for a Commodores Ball. You can visit the site YachtPals for the jokes.

Which comedian told jokes sitting on a stool with a drink and a cigarette?

Dave Allen

What was Lenin's profession?

Lenin was a lawyer. (No one told Lawyer jokes in Russia)

What is a sentence using the word ludicrous?

The comedian told a bunch of ludicrous jokes.

Is jokes a noun?

Jokes is a noun as long as you use it as the plural form of joke. (e.g. She told too many jokes.) If it is used as in the sentence, She jokes too much, it is a verb. Hope I don't sound like a textbook too much. :)

What tells jokes?

Originally, all jokes come from people but they are told in many ways including:straight from the person's mouthon the internetin tv showsin picturesetc.

What character on Captain Kangaroo told knock knock jokes?

Mr Green Jeans

Are jokes riddles?

No, of course. Jokes are not riddles! A joke is something you tell, like a line or a story. A riddle is something you ask someone that they have to figure out the answer. While riddles can be jokes (not always), and some jokes are in the form of riddles, they are often not one in the same. Many people think of humorous stories when they hear the word joke. Riddles are often told or asked as humor, but not always. Riddles can also be puzzles or mind teasers rather than jokes. Funny riddles are one type of joke, but humor is much more than just riddles.

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