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Difference between Old and New Testaments?


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The Old Testament was before Jesus, it is the history of God's dealings with His people. The New Testament was after Jesus was born, it was mainly written by His apostles about His teachings and His works.

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Basically the Old Testement is before Jesus and the New Testement is on Jesus's life and etc.

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The Old Testament is mainly the history of the nation of Israel. It does contain prophecies of the coming Messiah. The New Testament is the story of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, after He was born.

The difference of the sons of god , in the two testaments are that in the old testament Jesus is the son of god. But in the New Testament we to can be the sons of god . If only we do believe that Jesus died for our sins.

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The Bible is called testaments because there is 2 different testaments the new testament and the old testament the new testament is after Jesus was born and the old testament was before Jesus was born.

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there are 2 testaments in the bible ....The Old Testament and The New Testament

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The old testament deals with the prophets warnings and telling of Jesus coming and the new testament after the arivel of Jesus . And his teachings.

The bible is divided into old and new testament and not a book.

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The old testament is all the teachings of God and of God's people (Moses for example) from before the life and death of Jesus Christ. The New Testament is all of the teachings of Jesus. Judaism believe in the Old testament, where as Christians believe in both, the Old and New Testaments.

Yes, commonly they do. You can buy 'sets' of Reference Bibles like the Standard Reference Library of the Old and New Testaments that has 5 volumes ( 3 for the Old and 2 for the New).

The difference is that one of them is old and the other one new.

There are two testaments in the Bible. The Old Testament is before Christ was born, the New Testament is after Christ was born. And, yes, the Old Testament and the New Testament, together, are the Bible.

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