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brown sugar has molasses

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Q: Difference between granulated sugar and brown sugar?
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What is the difference between caster sugar and granulated sugar?

Caster sugar is finer sugar then granulated sugar.

Which sugar is better between white sugar or brown sugar or granulated sugar?

From a nutrition/health perspective they are so alike that there's no meaningful difference between them.

What is the difference between caster sugar an granulated sugar when making cakes?

Caster is finer granulated

Caster sugar for cooking?

what is the difference between castor sugar and granulated sugar?

What is the sugar content of brown sugar in comparison to granulated sugar?

According to the USDA nutrient database, granulated sugar has 99.8% sugar while brown sugar has 97% sugar. The difference is partly due to the moisture content of brown sugar; it contains more water.

Is there any difference between granulated and extra fine granular sugar?

yes, but barely, the granulated is normal sugar and the extra fine granulated is SUPER small grained (fine) however there is no difference in taste

Is there a difference between fine and granulated sugar?

Fine sugar, sometimes known as caster sugar, tastes the same and is the same composition as granulated sugar, but the sugar crystals are much smaller.

What is the difference between granulated sugar and regular sugar?

Most people say "sugar" to mean granulated sugar. Different sugars are pure cane sugar and confectionery sugar (the powdered kind).

Is brown sugar the same as granulated sugar?


What is the difference between granulated sugar and caster sugar?

Caster sugar is finer grained than granulated, hence it is better for use in baking. Lighter results etc...

Can you substitute granulated brown sugar with brown sugar?

Yes, they are the same thing ;)

What can you substitute for granulated sugar in chocolate brownies?

brown sugar,

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