Difference between oral and written communication?

Deference between oral and written communication can be presented asfollows:

Point of Difference

Written Business communication

Oral Business communication


Immediate feedbacks is not required

In case of oral communication we need immediate feedback.


Written message are kept as record, thus they can be used as evidence.

As no record is maintained for oral communication it cannot be used as evidence.

Easy acceptance

In compression to oral communication has lack of directness.

On the other hand oral message are easily acceptable.

Directness or direct


In most of the caseswritten communication has lack of directness.

It takes place in a face to face or direct situation.


Written communication need to overcome more barriers than oral communication.

It faces less barriers than written communication.

Audience size

The audience size of written communication is large and geographically scattered.

Audience size is comparatively small.


It is more costly than oral communication.

It is less costly than written communication.

Knowledge level

In case of written communication minimum level of knowledge and literacy is required.

Even illiterate people can participate in oral communication.