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Difference between standard surgery and da vinci robotic surgery?

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2007-12-20 12:59:30

Da Vinci is a form of Laparoscopic Surgery where the Surgeon

sits at a remote consul to perform the operation. Because the skin

incisions are only large enough for the instruments to pass through

the small tube that penetrates the skin it is less traumatic than

regular Surgery with a shorter recovery time and minimal scaring.

The patient is draped in the standard manner and attended by the

Anesthesiologist with the Surgical Technologist remaining at the

patient's side throughout the operation to exchange tips on the

various laparoscopic instruments used during the case. The Surgeon

is able to control the inserted instruments from the remote consul

within the OR. As with all laparoscopic procedures the Surgeon and

sterile team must be ready to open the patient and convert to a

conventional open procedure if the required access is not

sufficient via this mode of Surgery or if complications occur.

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