Difference between stateless protocol and statefull protocol?

stateless Protocol:-

1).When stateless protocol is used between a server and the client, the server does not remember anything. It treats any message from a client as the client's first message and responds with the same effects every time

2). A stateless server does notkeeps state between connections.


you send a request to a stateless server, it does not create any objects that track information regarding your requests. If you "open" something on the server, the server retains no information at all that you have something open. A "close" operation would make no sense, since there would be nothing to close.

3). A stateless system can be seen as a box ,where at any point in time the value of the output(s)

depends only on the value of the input(s)

after a certain processing time.

4). A stateless protocol does not require the server to retain session information or status about each communications partner for the duration of multiple requests.

5). stateless sessinobean:can

not maintain the state,cannot

maintain the persistance(data




cannot see that data,cannot

have the passivate,activate

states. ex:atm

mini statements.

Example =



Protocol) , HTTP, NFS


Protocol :-

1). Stateful

protocol means the server remembers what a client has done before.

2). .A stateful

server keeps state between connections.


when you send a request to a stateful

server, it may create some kind of connection object that tracks what information you request. When you send another request, that request operates on the state from the previous request. So you can send a request to "open" something. And then you can send a request to "close" it later. In-between

the two requests, that thing is "open" on the server.

3). a stateful

system is like a state machine with "memory" as the same set of input(s)

value can generate different output(s)

depending on the previous input(s)

received by the system.

4). a protocol which requires the keeping of internal state is known as a stateful


5). statefull

Protocol :- maintain the state,but

cannot maintain the persistance,once

we shutdown

the system the values stored in local hard disc,can

have the passivate

and activate states. ex:shopping


Example =

SMB, FTP,Telnet