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They have many differences but i really don't know the similarities

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What was the differences and similarities between the nile river in Egypt and the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in mesopotamia?

The differences of the Nile river in Egypt and the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers in Mesopotamia is that they

What differences do Egypt and Mesopotamia have?

well i studied them both but here it is.mesopotamia is by the meditarrean sea and Egypt is by the nile river.also mesopotamia is in Asia and Egypt in Africa.

What similarities do Egypt and Mesopotamia have?

Both have trade,rivers,and forms of writing

Discuss the similarities and differences between Egyptian and other African cultures in history and art?

Egypt was one of the first and oldest civilizations to develop. They developed along with Mesopotamia. The differences were in social culture, architecture, and art.

What sort of differences existed between the early civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt?

There are far too many differences to name between Mesopotamia and Egypt. However, to start, Egypt was situated on the Nile River while Mesopotamia was between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. Mesopotamia began as city-states, but did eventually evolve into something resembling a monarchy.

What are the similarities and differences between Egypt and Persia?

poop is darker in egypt and poop is lighter in perais

What differences do ancient China Mesopotamia and India have?

china and egypt and mesopotamia all invented a form of paper irrigation and religion

What are the similarities and differences between Canada and Egypt?

Difference: Egypt is barren Canada has trees. Similarity: they both have people

What are the similarities and differences between ancient greek and India economic?

They both engaged in long distance trade with Mesopotamia...

Is Mesopotamia on the same continent as Egypt?

No. Egypt is in Africa, and Mesopotamia is (was) in Asia.

Which came first Mesopotamia or Egypt?

Mesopotamia was the first civilization in the world. Egypt came after Mesopotamia was formed.

What are the differences between Sumerians and Ancient Egyptians?

Ancient Egyptians lived in Egypt, while Sumerians lived in Mesopotamia.

Did mesopotamia have pharaohs?

Mesopotamia did not have pharaohs, it was Egypt with them. Mesopotamia had kings.

What are the similarities and differences of Egypt and Australia?

they both have lost of deserts and camels a difference is that one has more population

What did Mesopotamia where?

Mesopotamia was in modern-day Egypt

Why was Egypt safer than Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia,Egypt,United States Farming Mesopotamia, as in this area much more complex and difficult than was the case in Egypt.

On which continents were Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia located?

Ancient Egypt was in Africa. Mesopotamia was in Asia.

What are some similarities between ancient Egypt and ancient mesopotamia?

yes its just one simple thing you guys are idiots asking questions

What are the similarities of Egypt and Italy?

The similarities of Egypt and Italy are the that are very nice places to live at or go visit...........that is the similarities of Egypt and Italy<3

What country and continent is Tigris river in?

Mesopotamia and Mesopotamia is in Egypt

Was ancient Mesopotamia beside ancient Egypt?

No. Ancient mesopotamia was around and between the Tirgris and Euphrates rivers. ancient Egypt was in north africa. And and Egypt became great later than mesopotamia.

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