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Differences between PERT and CPM?


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October 06, 2017 6:43PM

PERT considers optimistic, likely and pessimistic time, thereby adding an element of probability to the final figure one obtains.

CPM takes only a single time for any task. This time typically would be the 'likely' time for the task.

PERT estimates may prove to be better for projects with long durations due to its ability to absord a certain level of flux.

- Ankit PERT is a probablistic tool using 3 estimates of duration for completion of activities of a project and is basically a tool for planning and control of time. Whereas, CPM is a deterministic tool, with only single estimate of duration. CPM also allows an explcit estimate of costs in addition to time, thereby CPM can control both time and costs. While PERT is more suitable for R&D related projects where the project is performed for the first time and the estimate of duration are uncertain, CPM is best suited for routine and those projects where time and cost estimates can be accurately calculated. -G.Ramadoss
The PERT Chart is used for CPA (Critical Path Analysis) to deduce the critical path.