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Personally, I have found they do not last as long as a desktop computer. Many individuals I know say they're laptop lasted approximately two years. I have found the same with my own which lasted about two and a half years. In addition, the fact that you can transport them easily makes them more susceptible to damage with the constant moving and carry.

It can be easily stolen

It can be easily hacked in to

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What are the disadvantages a laptop?

There is only one kind of disadvantages for a laptop if you do not have internet services you cannot get internet.

What are the disadvantages of a trackpad on a laptop?

There are various disadvantages attached to using a trackpad on a laptop. For example, it is less efficient than a mouse.

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of a PC?

Advantage:More powerful than a laptopCheaper than a laptopDisadvantages:Not portableLoads of wires

What about the advantages and disadvantages of using a laptop?

The advantages of using a laptop include portability and accessibility. The disadvantages are less internal memory, overheating problems, and a smaller screen.

Are there any disadvantages in buying a Samsung laptop?

There are some disadvantages to buying a Samsung laptop. Samsung is a company that is known for their cellphones and not computers. By purchasing a Samsung laptop you would not have the same quality as a company like DELL, HP, or Gateway.

What is a computer table and its advantages and disadvantages?

comfortable to use your laptop

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a laptop?

One advantage of having a laptop is being able to take it with you wherever you go. One disadvantage of having a laptop is getting addicted to it.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a laptop?

laptops are electronics device ,which are use of

Advantages and disadvantages of laptops?

You are able too check your work on your computer at anytime if yo have a laptop and they re very portable and sometimes lightweight. Disadvantages are that you can drop it and break it and that the laptop doesn't work too well

What are the disadvantages to a laptop?

Well for one you have to worry about battery life. Second, it is usually less powerful than a desktop. Screen is smaller. And if you had a laptop and a desktop that had the same specs, the laptop would cost more.

What are the disadvantages to installing cheap laptop memory?

Using cheap laptop memory can result in a total shut down of your laptop. While it is a pretty cheap fix it can cost more to have it diagnosed at a repair shop.

What are the disadvantages of a computer database?

it is alot more expense and most of the time unless its a laptop you can not carry it around with you

What are the disadvantages of keyboard?

One disadvantage to using a keyboard on a laptop is the fact that it is stationary. With a desktop, your keyboard is movable.

Disadvantages of electronic database?

You might forget to save the database. you computer or laptop might breakdown before you save it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages on laptop?

advantages-small and portable-runs on a rechargeable batteryand that's pretty much alldisadvantages-easy to drop break and smash-over-heat easier than a desktop-less room in-side a laptop for cards and stuff so desktops can run a LOT fasterIn other words if you are looking for performance go with a desktop.If you are going for portability and comfort go with laptop

Disadvantages of laptop?

Some disadvantages are:Smaller screen.Harder to replace the keyboard.Much more difficult to update/change hardware e.g. to change the graphics card.Touch pad, not everybody likes it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an external modem?

External Modem does not allow you mobility wit laptop but it does provide faster connection and less power uptake.

What are some disadvantages of getting refurbished laptops in order to get a cheap laptop?

The disadvantages of getting a reburbished laptop in order to get a cheap laptop is that they have been used by some one else. There could be errors or data or even damages that wasn't fully refurbished or was just skipped in the process that you might come across after purchase. You just never know what you will recieve when purchasing a reburbished laptop. One really huge disadvantage of getting a refurbished laptop as opposed to a brand new one or factory built one is that you cannot be sure that you will be able to get software and hardware support , drivers, or updates from the brand's official site.

Dell inspiron 600M laptop?

Advantages: The Dell Inspiron 600M is lightweight (5.6lbs) for a laptop released in 2003. It also has a roomy, sturdy keyboard. Disadvantages: The motherboard gets overheated quickly. The battery life is somewhat short.

How does one find a suitable laptop printer?

To find a suitable laptop printer one should visit such stores as Best Buy, Future Shop or Staples. The staff at either of these stores can advise what the advantages and disadvantages of the different makes and models are.

What are the disadvantages of computer use?

what type of question that is ? we all know from starting compurter has both advantages and disadvantages .but as advantages are way more than disadvantages therefore people use it extensively. few disadvantages are:- addiction,eyesight weakning,eceltricity bill. also using laptop on ur laps for longer times will make u suffer more sexual problms

What are disadvantages of using a mouse?

1. they need a flat surface to be used 2. they cannot be easily used with a laptop Eg : you can use a touch pad

What are the disadvantages of buying or using pirated software?

in your face... find it urself and pergi ambek tungkul pecahkan screen laptop anda..the best answer ever and after

Advantages and disadvantages of CD ROM?

advantages; easy to use. easily move able. cheap. u use the cd in many computer like laptop etc. disadvantages; easily damage. un removeable. save limited data.

What are two disadvantages of using a computer mouse?

1. they need a flat surface to be used 2. they cannot be easily used with a laptop Eg : you can use a touch pad